The cavalier dismissal of a brand promise

From its very inception, the 1Malaysia campaign was met with skepticism by a cynical Malaysia. On the face of it, 1Malaysia was meant to be inclusive, and unifying. But let’s face it, most of us never believed it.












Though the campaign did flesh out into programmes for the needy, implementation brought more brickbats than bouquets, especially for its blatant bribery and partisan overtones, but also for some of its sillier permutations. Remember 1Toilet? 1Malaysia email? did it ever take off?


Yeah…Malaysians know how to deride and ridicule in creative ways.

But mind you, the most important thing I heard yesterday was from the 1PM himself. In his first speech after BN was declared winner, the guy went and called it a Chinese Tsunami. And with that one sentence, he confirmed what we all believed for a while now.


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