The person

The blogger is a 30-something writer/amateur photographer with a healthy appetite for the written word as well as sights.

This was primarily a zone for self-expression. Sometimes too many things are crowded inside the head that begs release. Those thoughts, ideas, whatever…only evolve into a coherent piece once they escape onto paper…or in this case, the pc.

However, unfolding events have directed her thoughts to what she loves most; her country. Hence the many things Malaysian that are blogged here.

Of course we Malaysians live in very interesting times these days. The kind of stuff that we read online and in the papers these days can put many bestseller fictions to shame. So it is imperative that the writer too joins in on the mayhem. Let the politicians make grand fools of themselves.

Those visiting are welcome to leave comments. Or email me.

19 thoughts on “The person

  1. hi there….you are already on my blogroll my dear, and i have put your happy entry in my “voices about bloggers united” page. do leave a message on the official page, will ya??? happy blogging πŸ™‚

  2. thank u wielmaja.
    heheh. suddenly my blog gains momentum. I love writing so blogging is a natural step. U are welcome to share the link.

    It is impetus for me to continue writing.


  3. Alo boss! Of course its the one and only wingman! yeah I have caught the blog bug indeed. Actually I caught it long ago but only recently reactivated my long forgotten blog! Am just a young chiku following a guru like you heheheheh.
    Surely need your guidance!

  4. I don’t know how I discovered your web page but am glad to have done it. My only regret was that I missed your pages all these months/years of your existence. Keep writing, I am more into your blog rather then Rocky Bru. Before elections results of 0308 his was my favourite page but not anymore, since he was ‘neutralised’ by the enemies. Anyway, congratulations you have a flair in writing you piece. Carry on. As for BN its definetely going to be BEE END.

  5. Hi,
    I was just wondering if i can use the picture you have of the earth from Earth Day for an English project i am doing? Please write back soon! A bit urgent!
    (8th Grade)

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