I am a rural voter…

…and you better believe me, I’m going to show my family, my friends, whoever  who’d pay attention…this

They say that a rural voter’s vote is worth SIX urban votes.

You dissolve parliament tomorrow and my crusade starts.

*Thanks to a very talented friend of mine who put this together.


Consider Yourself Warned

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” – John F Kennedy.

The Malaysian PM says Egypt style power grab will not work here. Duh.

Of course not. How can we? I’m told that the FRU folks have become quite proficient with their tear-gassing and water canon exploits. Do we blame them? After all, for the past 4 years or so, those folks have been brought out by the dozens everytime there is the slightest hint of a protest.

The last major one was an irony in itself. Imagine this headline. WATER CANON WELCOME FOR PROTES AIR DEMONSTRATORS. Yeah that really happened, and while I could write various permutations of that headline (after all I do that for a living), it just ain’t very funny when you think about it.

The ex-PKR dude Ezam “Ihaveboxesofevidence” Md Nor also said its absurd to compare Egypt and Malaysia because of the wide income disparity.

FYI dude, there are similarities. Egyptians were  oppressed by the many years of near despotic rule by Mubarak. It’s just that the tipping points were different.

A lot of Malaysians are not hungry enough perhaps. Or perhaps we have collectively been cowed or shall I say “diperlembukan” by years of master-slave conditioning. Or maybe there was an epidemic of TIDAK APA-THY gripping the nation.

Notice that I said WAS. Yeah, past tense.

Someday, perhaps soon, the day will arrive. And when it does, the folks in power will find the present too, tense. They are working their way towards it steadily themselves. Here’s how it goes…

You remember the saying “Nine Meals from Anarchy”? Well basically the premise is, you miss three days’ meals and the situation is ripe for anarchy.

You could argue that Malaysia is not some dirt poor third world outpost. We have a much better economy than most of our third world cousins, we don’t go hungry, yada yada yada…

But this is a country where the middle class is beginning to be stifled by a rising cost of living, steadily increasing prices of essential goods and the imminent introduction of the GST.

You add that to a government that doesn’t seem to have words like accountability, responsibility and transparency in its vocabulary, and you have some of the basic ingredients for cauldron mass disenchantment.

I have not even begun to talk about the other incendiary spices like racism, supremacist overtures, bigotry, religious intolerance. These too exist under the bright facade of our 1Malaysia. Let’s not kid ourselves there.

Malaysians have already started to show their displeasure, first on the Net, then in the streets and more eloquently, in the ballot box on March 8, 2008. But a regime that has been in power for too long, thinks that power is its birthright and will have no qualms about making a mockery of the democratic process to hold on to power.

This too the public knows, just as it knows that the police are thugs, the military is just like the civil service, full of corrupt, thieving folks. The judiciary is emasculated, the Dewan Negara a stamping board, the Dewan Rakyat a tragicomedy, the leading media filled with cari makan sycophantic Datuks.

I hope the public will stand up and answer the PM’s insult of their collective intelligence at the ballot box when the time comes.

But then who knows, some folks might have lost heart seeing all the rampant cheating, gerrymandering, corruption and start thinking the only way out of this bleak mire of hopelessness is the French way. They still celebrate Bastille Day over there, I hear.

But I fear that Najib is right. Egypt style standoff will not work here. Simply cos most of you can’t see beyond your noses. Most of you are just willfully dumb, don’t-rock-the-boat, Stockholm-syndrome sufferers who love your oppressors.

Never mind if they rob, rape and beat you until you expire from that unique Malaysian “sudden death” syndrome.


Undilah Dacing…Hidup Malaysia.

N.Surendran’s statement

As many already know, human rights lawyer N.Surendran was recently appointed as a PKR vice president. Below is his statement, reproduced verbatim, except for minor typo corrections.


On 18th December, 2010 I was appointed as a Vice President of KEADILAN. I welcome this appointment and thank KEADILAN for placing their trust in me by appointing me to this position.

I hope to bring to the important task facing me, the experience I have gained from more than a decade’s work as a human rights lawyer, an activist, and an NGO Leader.

That experience taught me that many of the problems facing the people
can only be resolved by engaging in the political process, in order to
reform and change the way this country is administered. And I have no
doubt that KEADILAN and the wider Pakatan Rakyat have the resolve and
capability to carry out this process of reform and change, and to create a fairer, juster, and more prosperous Malaysia.

Pakatan Rakyat’s  Common Policy Framework is humanist, compassionate, practical and achievable.  It is a sign-post to a better future for all Malaysians.

Unlike the Barisan Nasional component parties, KEADILAN is a multi-racial party which acts in the interest of all the races of this country. I
recognise that different types of problems are faced by the various
communities in this country.

These problems have to be looked into according to the needs of each community. I am fully aware of the serious problems faced by the Indian community in this country, and resolve to attend to it, hand in hand with the issues facing all the other communities. No community or segment of this country can be said to be enriched, if their brethren in another community remain impoverished.

As a human rights lawyer and activist I have represented victims of all races such as Kugan, ex-airman Tharmendran, Aminulrasyid Amzah and Norizan Salleh. As Vice President of KEADILAN I will continue to assist my fellow Malaysians of every race and creed.

I do not believe in a politics of cliques, factions and coteries. I
believe the aim of politics is not self-aggrandisement or to profit
oneself, but to benefit the people and uplift the nation. Whosoever
has the good of the people at heart, he is my ally in this struggle.

I call upon all Malaysians who love freedom and justice to rally
around us, and help us save this country from the grip of oppression
and misrule.

I take this opportunity to wish all Malaysian Christians, a Merry Christmas!

Issued by,


Aung San Suu Kyi Is FREEEEEE!

Can’t begin to put in words the joy I feel now. A few minutes ago a friend posted on Facebook that Suu Kyi, the Burmese Opposition leader confined under house arrest for the past 7 years, is finally free.

Twitter postings says she is interested in using social media to connect.  Hahaha, good for you ma’am. Welcome to the outside world.

Read more about the release here.

Now let’s pray that the antsy generals in Myanmar don’t do an about turn and put her in again.

It always struck me as the height of insecurity that the powers that be in Myanmar fears a small, fragile-looking woman.

Still, nothing can stop the passage of an idea whose time has come…

Malaysia calling Interpol!

Yes, the Malaysian Police is very efficient, and superbly networked, internationally.

Crime fighting in Malaysia is a serious business. Our crime-busting rate is wondrous, to say the least.

All those reports you read about police shooting dead robbery/drug trafficking suspects must be very comforting especially the following line, “with the shooting of these suspects the police said they have solved the case/crippled the ring.”

Our boys in blue must be commended for their exemplary conduct in maintaining law and order without fear or favour. Criminals must pay, even if it means branding them with hot metals and beating them to death in custody.

bentcoppic stolen from here

Criminals must pay, even if one of them is a loony. They deserve the shot to the forehead. Hell, some had worse fates, like being blown up with C4.

Oh, and if those riff raff chose to protest it by asking people to wear a black shirt to mourn the death of justice and democracy, pick them up and make them a guest of the friendly neighbourhood police lock up.

If their friends protest their arrest with a candlelight vigil, hell, arrest them, and their lawyers too.

If they choose to go on a hunger strike, screw it, haul them all off to the lock up and give them nasi lemak and KFC.

Dissent must NOT be tolerated. What would the foreigners say? What would the investors say? Tsk tsk.

And who the hell does this impertinent RPK think he is, digging up dirt and slandering of all people…the Prime Minister. Can’t he take care of his own family?

This is Malaysia. According to the Information bla bla bla Minister, all this show of dissent is not our culture. I wonder what is our culture? Jadi Pak Turut?

Now the “coward” RPK has run away and still delivering hurtful salvos from beyond our shores. Such a pain in the ass, this guy. How can one guy give so many people in authority a painful case of hernia at the same time?

rpkMob1900 punya gambaq

He needs to be found! Even if you have to cari dia sampai lubang cacing. Never mind if the lubang cacing is on the Gold Coast…way down under.

Interpol kan ada. Let’s activate the network. Bring him back. After all, we have an extradition treaty with Australia, don’t we?

Let’s hope the Aussies turn a blind eye to the contents of the treaty, especially this part…



1. Extradition shall not be granted in any of the following circumstances:

(b) if there are substantial grounds for believing that a request for extradition for an ordinary criminal offence has been made for the purpose of prosecuting or punishing a person on account of that person’s race, colour, sex, language, religion, nationality, ethnic origin, political opinion or other status, or that that person’s position may be prejudiced for any of those reasons;

Small matter isn’t it? After all, our cops and the Attorney General who lost us Batu Putih are such experts in their jobs, aren’t they?

Good luck fellas, as you look for RPK. Don’t worry, we won’t bother you with the small details like multiple murders by junkies, missing and brutally murdered children. Ini cerita biasa..kan?

And while you cops are at it with the Interpol folks, can you get them to get that Hilmi fella to come back from Indonesia? His assistance is needed in the Elizabeth Wong picture distribution case.

And don’t forget Mr Double SD and Disappear Bala, who is apparently on extended holiday in India.


Bomoh. Defined by Webster’s Dictionary as witch doctor.

Economics. According to the Wikipedia folks….

Economics is the social science that studies the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services.


A local economics lecturer James Chin has come up with an interesting article in the Malaysian Insider to describe the supply side economics.

Here’s the link to the story, which incidentally talks more about the powers-that-be’s economics of convenience rather than bomoh/voodoo business.

Makes sense. After all bomoh/pawang and other sorts of witchdoctors, shamans and mediums (one of whom got swallowed by a python a decade or so ago, because he was small rather than medium) are part and parcel of life, not only in this region called Nusantara but also throughout the world.

In Malaysia, we had these bomohs feature in the most sensational murder trial of the 90s, the Mazlan Idris case. Well, I’m sure you all know that Mona Fandey, her hubby and their assistant were hanged for the gruesome, chop chop murder.

Motive? Money apparently. Money (or the mother of them all) was why the late assemblyman of Batu Talam went to these dodgy couple. Money was apparently why they killed him.

Bomohs also featured in the former Renong Bhd head honcho Halim Saad’s divorce case, and I read about it sometime ago not in the blogs or the gossip rags, but in the Asian Wall Street Journal. Now, I mention this here only because Halim Saad was once one of the captains of local economy. Once. Before the excesses started going public.

Familiar story? Yeah, it happens all the time.

Back to the main story, Bomohs have figured in everything Malaysian from elections to ensuring rain, or a sunny day or even ensuring a win on the football pitch. And we thought that Bolehland bookies were the ultimate fixers. Sheesh.

Anyway, sorry for being so cheong hay about the whole Bomoh business. I suggest you guys read the James Chin piece, written with a good dollop of cynicism.

Third World Parliament…right here in Malaysia

read this….courtesy of NST

Tajuddin uses ‘b*****d’ on Kulasegaran

THE Dewan Rakyat saw a new low in unparliamentary language when a backbencher used the word “b*****d” on an opposition member.

Datuk Tajuddin Abdul Rahman (BN-Pasir Salak) used the word on M. Kulasegaran (DAP-Ipoh Barat) after the opposition member of parliament said Tajuddin was “hated by the Indians in Pasir Salak”.

Tajuddin was visibly upset and shouted “b…..d” twice at Kulasegaran.

“How do you know this? You bloody b*****d? Show me proof,” he shouted to the shock of members from both sides of the political divide.

Opposition MPs jumped up to protest. Deputy Speaker Datuk Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar told Tajuddin to retract the word.
Tajuddin said he would do so only if Kulasegaran did the same.

“He said I am hated by the Indians in Pasir Salak. How does he know that?”

Kulasegaran said his sentiments could be considered fair comment.

“I was the MP for Teluk Intan, which is the neighbouring constituency of Pasir Salak. I have friends and relations there (Pasir Salak). Surely I am allowed to speak the truth.”

Wan Junaidi told Kulasegaran that he had provoked Tajuddin by using the word benci.

“That is strong. You should not have used it. I think you should withdraw that word and I will instruct him (Tajuddin) to withdraw the unparliamentary word he had used.”

Kulasegaran said: “I have heard a lot of unparliamentary words. This is the first time I hear that ‘hate’ is not an acceptable term. I will withdraw it and replace it with ‘don’t like him’ (tak suka).”

Wan Junaidi then instructed Tajuddin to do the same.

“I withdraw the word but he (Kulasegaran) shamed me. It is karut (nonsense). We can settle this outside (if Kulasegaran is not happy),” Tajuddin said.

However, Lim Lip Eng (DAP-Segambut) was not satisfied with the decision by the chair and wanted clarification on why Tajuddin was let off scot-free when Karpal Singh was suspended two weeks ago for asking the speaker to be serious and jangan main-main.

“(The MP for) Pasir Salak used the word b*****d twice and nothing was done. Why is there a double standard?”

Wan Junaidi said the decision on that occasion was made by Speaker Tan Sri Pandikar Amin Mulia.

“What he (Tajuddin) said has been retracted. The issue has been resolved. If you want to understand the issue, you should see me in my room.”

This guy must be an embarrassment even to the party represents now. What appalling behaviour!

Karpal Sing was suspended for “insulting” the speaker when he said “jangan main main” a few weeks ago. Calling your fellow MP a BLOODY BASTARD inside the august Dewan Rakyat surely ranks as so much more reprehensible and indefensible.

Yet Wan Junaidi let him get off. But then, Wan Junaidi in his Napoleon the Pig‘s scheme of thought, thinks this is alright.

These are folks who think they have a divine birthright to continue ruling Malaysia.