The cheek and chicanery of Shahrizat Jalil

Much has been written about the mismanagement of National Feedlot Corporation that most of you have already heard the gory details.

But let’s bring some perspective into this issue. Let’s remember  how we first heard about this issue.

It was the Auditor General’s report, not Pakatan Rakyat politicians who first highlighted this issue, calling the project a mess. Read more here.

Remember that the PKR folks just followed the dirt trail after that. And you know where it led; to luxury condos and luxury cars and whatnot.

When addressing the Wanita Umno hordes earlier this week, its chief Shahrizat Jalil was vociferous in her anger against those she said were attacking Wanita Umno.

Mistake #1. Who’s attacking Wanita Umno? It is you Shahrizat, whose conduct is in question here. You and your family. You say you are innocent of what is going on in NFC because that is your husband’s business and not yours? You must think we are all cows, with cowdung for brains.

So all the sleeve-pulling, angry rhetorics and this whole wanking exercise that was Shahrizat’s speech did not address the fundamental issue; How come her family got the project in the first place?

Mistake #2. Noh Omar, Muhyiddin Yassin and Khairy Jamaluddin all rushed to her defence, but not one of them addressed the question above.

Mistake #3. The cops, almost immediately after MACC passed the baton to them(saying this was not a graft issue), stated that  preliminary investigations showed there was no element of Criminal Breach of Trust.

But who’s going to answer these fundamental questions?

1) Under what criteria did Shahrizat’s family get the contract?

2) Who approved it and when? Was it when Muhyiddin was Agriculture Minister?

3) Why the purchase of a luxury condo in Bangsar, and the luxury car?

4) The RM83 million soft loan…who signed off on it and what was it meant for?

5) From where did the money come (83 million)?

6) Seeing that it is some kind of government allocation, are they allowed to spend the money on purchases totally unrelated to the cow business?

7) Is it the policy of the BN government to allow Ministers’ families to benefit from national projects?

8) If the National Feedlot project is a national project, then why is it allegedly supplying meat to fancy restaurants owned by Shahrizat’s family?

Why aren’t they addressing these questions? Even within Umno there is already discord over this matter. That means even to them, this issue is indefensible.

Without addressing these questions, I daresay Shahrizat is a liability come GE13. Already a backdoor Minister, it is unlikely that she will win at any seat she contests in.



Can racist rabble-rousing still work post March 8?

It just occured to me that two consecutive May 13s have taken place since the political map-changing Malaysian General elections of 2008.

Despite a record number of Parliament and State seats falling to the Opposition, there was a telling absence of widespread insecurity on the part of this country’s majority voters: the Malays.

Life was still the same in the streets. The makcik who sells nasi lemak in my predominantly Chinese neighbourhood still enjoys roaring business, her only troubles coming from the City Hall enforcement who wants to put an end to her illegal makeshift stall.

I have yet to lose any friends because of politics, Malay, Chinese, Dayak, Indian, Ceylonese, Kadazan or otherwise. The major disgruntlement was over how the establishment screwed the people over. But that was a complaint even I have.

You see readers, in the matters of civil rights, common interest, nation-building, economics and other sober goals, I ceased to see myself along the lines of ethnicity, if I ever did to begin with.

52 years after Independence, I guess Malaysians of different ethicities have ceased to be suspicious of each other on grounds of skin/race/religion. Except for the politicians and their likes.

Which is why it is baffling why a certain newspaper editorial still continues to fan the embers of racial sentiment.

Awang…oh Awang, you cannot be as dumb as to write this sort of drivel.

I take offence at the insinuation that my life here is at the behest of the kind people of Umno. I’m a child of this tanah air too. I was born here. I’d die rather than betray my country.

But if people don’t care for Umno, that should not be equated as anti-Malay. To say that is just plain stupid.

Why do people (Malays and non-Malays alike) hate Umno? You don’t have to be rocket scientists to know.

The excesses we have seen over the years just makes the bile rise. Again and again. The corruption, the crimes, the violation of trust, the abuse of power….I could go on.

It’s not that the Pakatan Rakyat is clean as a whistle. It’s just that the scale of excesses on the BN side of the fence is far more dirty, so dirty that anything looks white by comparison.

Look at this PKFZ scandal. RM10 billion ringgit! I can’t even fathom how much one billion ringgit looks like. And that much money is squandered through shady deals, inept governance, lackadaisical attitude to the taxpayers’ money and sheer negligence.

That’s what we are opposed to. The status quo is a horrible state of being, for this country, Awang! And this is what many Malaysians feel. I think I can quite safely assert that we have moved beyond seeing people along racial lines.

Zaid Ibrahim is a Malay too, last I checked. And yet he too finds it disturbing to read yesterday’s editorial.

Yes, I agree that thousands of the immigrants were granted citizenship in those early days after Independence. But post-1970 it was another story wasn’t it?

The system was such that the likes of Khir Toyo, whose father wasn’t a citizen here, could go as far as to become the MB of Selangor, but a friend of mine who has lived here since 1953, still can’t get his citizenship.

Why? With Indonesians, it is always “kita serumpun” isn’t it? You buta sejarah fellas actually forgot the Konfrontasi period? Remember Ganyang Malaysia?

And since you embraced the Indons and they started turning up here in droves to work and to settle down like Khir Toyo’s father, the numbers grew.

But today, you don’t treat them any better these days, do you?

In fact, Malaysia can be positively evil on immigrant workers and refugees. Yes, there are bad apples here and there but imagine without those immigrant workers, who would work your construction sites?

The poor blokes who died last week in Jaya Supermarket collapse are cases in point. Now they mati katak. I hope the government has the decency to send their bodies back to their homeland to be buried.

Another thing,  the part about kindness and generosity you guys at Utusan so readily associate with Malays certainly does not extend to the monsters that are in authority today. Monsters like those who tortured Kugan to death. Monsters like those who bombed Altantuya to pieces.

This government allowed for these heinous crimes to happen. This government screwed its own people by  allowing the folks in resource-rich state like Terengganu and Sabah to remain poor.

This is what we object to. Not Malays, not bumiputeras. Imagine guys, maybe RM10 billion could have built roads to Bario.

RM10 billion could have built several universities and funded hundreds of scholars, so our kids and sisters and brothers who aced their exams need not fight over university places or scholarships.

This is one of the real costs of corruption and of absolute power. And we all suffer in the end.

While the likes of Awang Selamat lament about the loss of status quo with such narrow, parochial views, the country is slowly sinking into the abyss. But of course Utusan doesn’t care. After all, it didn’t even bother running the story about the PKFZ fiasco.

Sorak la Awang. Jangan tak sorak. Kampung dah tergadai dah.

Lying Lawyer, Lying Judge

Looked like him, sounded like him, and now five people on the Royal Commission to probe the famous Correct Correct Correct tape have determined that IT IS HIM.

It also found that the guy he was talking to IS the ex-Chief Justice Tun Ahmad Fairuz Sheikh Abdul Halim. Lawyer Lingam denied that it was Fairuz he was talking to on the phone, when the video was taken.

He said he didn’t have Fairuz’s number and Fairuz didn’t have his. The ex-Chief Justice also denied that he was speaking to Lingam.

The commission’s report just publicly affirmed that they are both liars. Does the Pak Lah administration have the courage to pursue this?

Zaid Ibrahim, do you have the courage to press on with this putrid can of worms? This is not about apology. This is about punishing people in the legal system. The black coat and black robed men of law who seem to have been responsible for some flagrant abuses.

This is also part of restoring public confidence in a broken, battered and held-to-ransom judiciary. Some kinks must be straightened out.

As long as the law and the authorities continue to be seen as crooks, liars, swindlers and thieves, the public will continue to distrust anything the government says.

I leave you today…with the following passage from The Star, to ponder.

…..commission found sufficient reason for the relevant authorities to take appropriate action against those implicated for breaches of the Sedition Act, the Penal Code, the Official Secrets Act, the Legal Profession Act and other laws. 

There Are Things Money Can’t Buy…

For others there is UMNO? Heheh. Cruel joke in this current climate, I know, but to those many Umnoputras who benefited from the UMNO largesse over the decades, this may be time to stick to your people and support them.

But then one wonders, what kind of loyalty does money buy? As I write this post, my thoughts go back to somewhere last year and a story my neighbour told me about a conversation he had with a Wanita Umno type.

Z: Tak pergi perhimpunan agung UMNO ke?

W: Malas lah. Kali ni depa tak bagi duit. Pergi pun buang masa aje.

Telling, isn’t it?

Fast forward to this week and Pak Non’s opinion piece in The Edge. I would like to direct your attention to these particular paragraphs.

Those in the know say the problem in Terengganu is expected to be resolved by early next week. Again everyone knows that “resolved or selesaikan” is euphemism for compensation or rewards.
And this in essence is another major problem within Umno. Members have become so greedy, so obsessed with self-enrichment that perjuangan (struggle) has taken on a new meaning.
It is no longer the party struggle for bangsa, agama dan tanahair (nation, religion and country), the party slogan of the early years — that has taken a back seat — but the narrow individual struggle to amass wealth. 

Most pertinent in relation to the conversation above is his weary conclusion.

No doubt some also lost because party workers refused to continue working when the allocation meant for them did not arrive. Thus, many campaign posts had to be abandoned. For Umno, volunteerism is long gone.

Is this what they meant by protecting the interest of Malays? Is this the unspoken side of the New Economic Policy that non-Umnoputras have no inkling of?

Now that we discuss this, I’m reminded this bit of news from 2006. Pak Lah announced then that RM600 million would be allocated to UMNO division throughout the country (except Sarawak)to be disbursed for little projects for Class F contractors.

Malaysiakini then reported on this. So you know I’m not simply pointing fingers or picking on an already unpopular government.

Firstly, Sarawak was excluded because there is no Umno branch or division there I guess. So the Class F contractors there can go fly kite la.

Secondly, it occurs to me how much the Class F contractors have to kiss the local Umno head honcho’s arse just to have remain solvent.

Thirdly, these kind of “throwing scraps for the loyal dogs” treatment not only demeans the honest, productive Bumi contractors but also encourages them to be lazy. It sends a signal that it is not know how, but KNOW WHO, that gets them a job.

How the hell do you elevate the economic status of the needy Malay Bumiputeras (I know UMNO doesn’t give a damn about the Non-Malay Bumis) if you don’t encourage them to compete?

UMNO and in extension, Barisan Nasional, has been digging its own grave with such selective patronage and short-sighted policies and the hole has gotten deep enough to deprive them of Kuala Lumpur and FIVE other states this month.

The way back into favour with the people would be to prove that they are sincere enough about serving the interest of the common people.

But then, some fat cats who have been raised on a diet of Friskies dry food would not be too excited about actually going out there and catching rats for dinner.

The Day of Reckoning is Here, Mr Samy Vellu

I’ve been postponing this post a bit, just to marshall my thoughts. However, the thoughts keep on nagging till I can’t sleep at night.

I was watching the live telecast of Pak Lah’s pared down Cabinet take oath of office today in front of the Yang Di Pertuan Agong and glimpsed the colourful Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu sitting in the front row of leaders, sans wife and looking very somber, yet with an unmistakable defiance still written on his face.

Politicians must certainly have tough hides. For a politician whose party was almost wiped out in the GE 2008, Samy, who lost his own Sungai Siput seat, held for decades, kept his composure.

 Yet in some corner, I was move . d to pity this man who cut a lonely figure amidst the already subdued multitude at the Balai Rong Seri, who were seated in front of the Agong who wore a stern face himself.

The pity didn’t last, once I started dwelling on the many questions that Samy as the ostensible leader of the Indian community must answer. Anger and more questions starter piling up. Continue reading

Change Your Lifestyle…

The fact that the younger voters (21-30) are more politically aware these days in Malaysia is a fact to be applauded.

The internet generation brings a certain youthfulness to the whole political landscape and also adds a techno dimension to politics that is long dominated by stale rhetorics.

Check out these cool videos.

Ubah Gaya Hidup


YB and Stamps

YB vs Blogger

Hats off to Youth 4 Change


That is not a website address. It is my way of comemorating the political demise of what must be one of the most repulsive Parliamentarians in Malaysian history. 

One of the three enfant terrible of the last Parliament will not return to those halls again. At least not this coming term. Part of my wish answered :).

  A news alert from The Star said Jasin’s incumbent MP Mohd Said Yusof has been dropped from Malacca Chief Minister Mohd Ali Rustam’s list of names given to PM Abdullah Badawi as Umno candidates from the state.

Lots of women who felt as insulted as DAP’s erstwhile postergirl and lately resigned Batu Gajah MP Gong Po Kuan by his “bocor” remarks would no doubt cheer.

The celupar and rather thick-skinned MP whose main claim to fame is a runaway mouth and an alleged graft scandal (note the Wikipedia entry in his name) should now retire to his lubuk and sit quietly.

If he does come out, then maybe only when he has improved on his lousy public manners that got him in trouble in the first place.

A Malay proverb comes to mind. Kerana Mulut Badan Binasa. In this case, it is his career.

BTW, what happened to his timber company, Binyu Sof Enterprise? Has ACA and the Customs and everyone else tutup sebelah mata as well?

And now that he’s dropped….what about the other two jackasses? Bung Mukhtar Radin (Kinabatangan) and Badrudin Amiruldin (Jerai).

Lingam Chronicles

 What tha Hell?


Some rather embarrassing and downright disturbing reports emerged from the Royal Commission of Inquiry’s delving into the sordid Lingam Chronicles.

1. A lawyer in private practice is privy to Official Secrets that is even higher than the Executive; the appointment of judges to the bench.

2. The Chief Secretary to the Govt is clueless about it.

3. A powerbroker seems to chart the course of the judiciary in Malaysia (supposedly one that is above the executive and constitutionally-provided)

4.Former Prime Minister does a Reagan. Can’t remember why he dropped the two names.

5. Anti Corruption Agency says it won’t probe Lingam’s brother’s allegation that he was close with then Chief Justice Tun Eusoff Chin.

6. I can’t afford Patrick Saw’s T-shirts 😦

7. Ku Nan who doesn’t know what is going on in his own backyard, calls Lingam a drunkard. He maybe right though. Lingam kinda looks a big drunken squid with his highball glass. Cognac ah Latuk?

Go Yellow

I’m yellow today. Heheh…no, doesn’t mean that i’m a coward. I’m just wearing my yellow top a day earlier in kinship with the effort by the Bersih collective that’s organising the walk tomorrow.

 yellow.jpg Poster by Mob

 I spent sometime reflecting on this peaceful march last night. This morning, I read my thoughts translated into Uncle Zorro’s hopes.

Yes, this is a peaceful march. We’re going to see the King of Malaysia, or if you prefer it, the Yang Di Pertuan Agong. We have a right. We are his subjects, and this is a constitutional democracy, last I checked.

I’m not a member of a political party. I was told that the Bersih coalition has some political party signees. I don’t care. I’m not affiliated with any of them.

I’m a voter. I can walk with my fellow Malaysians in a peace march to convey our thoughts and misgivings about the state of our country, to our ruler.

What else could we do? The mainstream doesn’t listen. The executive is sleeping. The judiciary is fixed or shall I say f*****? Who’s left then?

CID Chief Zulhasnan najib Baharuddin said there is no permit given for the Nov 10 rally? Not that the Bersih guys didn’t apply.

He said a non-governmental organisation sent in an application on Nov 3 for permission to hold the gathering but the application was rejected on Nov 6 by Dang Wangi OCPD Asst Comm Zulkarnain Abd Rahman.  

He refused to elaborate on the reasons for the rejection. Earlier reports said that Parti Keadilan Rakyat was the main organiser of the rally. – The Star

What else do they do?

I just hope the Opposition party people who attend this gathering won’t hijack this for their own ends. This is to be a non-violent march.

No talk, just walk. The silent march alone will speak volumes.

Saturday. 3pm. Dataran Merdeka.

I want some changes for the better. Do you?