This weekend, I won’t walk into the polling booth alone

Been a while since I blogged…too much writing for work leaves me drained. But I believe this coming weekend deserves to be marked on this blog with a proper post, so here goes.

As I have said before, I am a rural voter. This Sunday will mark the fifth occasion on which I exercise my democratic right to choose who rules my country for the next 5 years. It will be a momentous occasion especially as Malaysia is on the cusp of real change.











But it would be wrong to say the change will happen only once we vote. Real change requires a paradigm shift, and that has been happening gradually over the course of about 8 years or so.

Tomorrow I will make the trip back home. Sunday I would ferry my family to the polling stations and when I make this journey, many things and many people will be on my mind.

These people will walk with me in spirit when I go and cast my vote. Their memories will inform my vote. Some of them, you will already know.

The late Teoh Beng Hock’s family. They have not found closure.


Teoh and Ahmad Sarbani Mohamad were both found dead on separate occasions. Common denominator – MACC.

Then there is the story of Francis Udayappan. His mom never found closure either.

Oh…can I refresh your memory on the young boy in Shah Alam, Aminulrasyid Amzah?Image

The guy on the left is Kpl Jenain Subi, who was sentenced to 5 years jail for his death. Took 21 bullets from an supposed crack shot. and all he got was 5 years. His family has just filed a suit against the government and the PDRM.

What about A. Kugan?


Then, there is the curious story of R. Gunasegaran who is another lockup death in 2009. And a witness at his inquest, Selvach Santhiran also ended up in preventive detention allegedly cos he fingered another cop in his testimony. Selvach was beaten up by policemen and taken into custody the same day he testified. He’s still behind bars.

These folks, and thousands of other ghosts of Malaysian state victims, will accompany me when I walk into the polling station.

My choice has already been made for me. My vote is a hope for justice.

3 thoughts on “This weekend, I won’t walk into the polling booth alone

  1. Woi ! Long holiday i see you had.I was under the impression you had been isaed.
    Well you have another 2 days to spill da beans.
    It would be refreshing to see how the New government governs from 6/5 till the next 5 years.
    I do hope the contractors engaged on open tender basis will complete Resort sg. buloh in time for all our present esteemed corrupted bn crowd to relex for the work done by them this past half century.
    I hope kerala state gov. wont seek a pardon for misdeeds done by one of their ex- citizens.

  2. Have you considered voluntary deportation back to your roots. I am sure you will find more justice there among your people even if they are poor like Mumbai.Maybe you should stop antagonising the Malays huh. then they will leave in peace.


    • I am a citizen. I belong here. Racist? Malays are killed too. If you can’t understand that maybe u need to go back to school. I’m not antagonising Malays. I voted for Malay candidates today. But yeah, u need to go back to school to learn basic Comprehension.

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