Biadap? I see…

Tangkap! Prison! Biadap!

Loud and strident were the calls for the arrest and punishment of the people who mooned and stomped on the PM’s picture.

I disagree with the act. Personally, I find it uncouth. If I were to meet the PM, I would address him as Mr PM, but I would have some scathing words for him. I have a right to do so, as I am citizen of this country, and the dude has a duty to to me.

Perhaps I’m polite. Some people are too angry to be polite. Can you look into the why first? Has the act of mooning diminished the PM? Is lese majeste as a sanction extended to an insult against a politician? Defacing his picture is a serious crime? Since when did a politician become King?

Now, a certain senior editor of a local daily had suggested that the “biadap” culture has been/is being propagated by the Opposition. Seriously mate…gimme some of whatever you’re smoking that gives you such a hazy, one-sided view of things.

How do you explain the shoe-throwing incident (allegedly by the Perkasa riff raff from Kota Setar)?
That was an aggression too, a bloody rude one, AND inside a mosque. If that isn’t biadap, then you and I are from different planets.

Perkasa of course was quick to disclaim responsibility here, but I think it might also need to quickly lodge a police report on the theft of its T-shirts because, jeng jeng jeng…look at these T-shirts.Image..

Now, compare them to the pictures you see in this group page. Get the drift?

Wanna talk about biadap some more? Let me refresh your memory.


Did the powers that be give a single f**k on this day, when these flabby posteriors were flashed at Bersih co-chair Ambiga Sreenevasan’s house ?

Or this thinly veiled insult to a vegetarian by selling beef burger in front of her house?

What about this “funeral” for Lim Guan Eng?

That’s you Perkasa Youth chief Mohd Risuad basically telling the Penang CM that he’s dead. In some parts of the world, that qualifies as a threat. Oh yeah, same fella also offers his shoe in yet another incident.

So now, can the blame be laid squarely on the shoulders of the convenient bogeyman “Opposition”? Seriously can you? Especially after seeing all these outsourced threats/instigation/general mayhem?
I maintain that all Perkasa is, is just an entity set up so that all the troublemaking that Umno needs to do, can be taken care of without too much blemish on its red/white colours.

Fools no one la. I’m sure even my cats are more sophisticated in their modus operandi than these pea-brains that passes for Perkasa cadre.

Double standards have long been a feature of policing and governance in Bolehland, so long that it’s a cliche. And it has resulted in diminished respect for those in power. Don’t cry foul now. You started this slide. And now you want respect?


Believe me, if Pakatan Rakyat ever takes Putrajaya, the folks who are now up in arms, will be the very ones who’ll be burning posters, effigies and defacing pictures of PR leaders. Not that they are not doing that already…hehe.


Manufactured consent, false democrats and other disturbing stories.

Governing a country is a complex thing. Somebody’s always bound to be unhappy. In a democracy, that somebody too has a right to be heard. In mature democracies, with a system in place that respects individual liberties, he would be heard.

In a country that gives democratic practices the barest lip service, that guy is often dismissed. Such is the case in Malaysia. One guy can be safely ignored.  Even ten, or a hundred. But when thousands of people take to the streets in a gesture of defiance, that too in an Internet age where there are more Malaysians wired than there are voters, it takes a very different resonance.

It has to be dealt with in a more effective way. The bumbling bureaucracy that was the Malaysian Government was slow to wake up to the Internet reality and it cost at least one prime minister his job. But our present PM has woken up to this rude reality.

Witness the “cendawan lepas hujan” proliferation of the cybertroopers. Some serious money exchanging hands there, though even the smartest of these cybertroopers can’t convincingly defend a flawed system put in place by a political outfit hell-bent on preserving its hegemony. 

The public opinion that Dr M so totally silenced is now no longer silent. To quiet the cyber activists, one has to shut down the Net, and is that possible in 21st century Malaysia? Nak mampus?

So the war has undertaken in a more subtle manner. Subvert the people’s thinking via cyber propaganda. That’s happening now. Has been for a few years. The bogeymen have been identified.

1) Bersih

2) The LGBT Community

3) The Chinese turning Malaysia into Singapore

4)  Jews/Israel

5) Anwar Ibrahim

These bogeymen are essentially fear-inducing social control mechanisms that the powers that be uses to   keep its citizens in check. Outward show of brute force and intimidation is counter productive and for a PM allegedly committed to “reforms”, no longer tenable. Every time, they arrest somebody for a politics-related offence, vigils and support groups emerge. Civil disobedience is bloody tiresome isn’t, fellas? Now you thugs actually have to earn your pay…hehe.

So they have to go the “cheong hei” way of influencing opinions. That requires brains. Money can buy some brains.

Now some of you may contend that the fear mongering is too ridiculous to even work. Lemme tell you this; if you feel that way, you are NOT the target audience. Anyway, if you are an urban, middle-class, private sector employed voter, their messages are not for you.

The messages of fear is directed at the heartland; the traditional vote bank that Umno/BN had always retained. The rural vote is important, never mind that a majority of Malaysian voters now are urban. Malapportionment and gerrymandering happened through the decades we gave BN continuous mandate to rule.These measures ensured that your one urban vote is worth just one sixth a rural vote.

They sweet-talk the kampung, Felda/Felcra folks, kow tim the tuai rumah in the longhouses of Sabah/Sarawak and they are set. While delivering the goodies, the veritable poison is poured into the ears.

If that is not enough, form 30 NGOs. Throw a press conference or two. Threaten and shout some half-hearted right-wing drivel. These days, hatchet jobs are better when outsourced. Hence your Perkasa, Pekida, Petty Traders Association, KIMMA, P***mak…and other garden variety mofos.

Whether they win this campaign or not, depends on how well Malaysians are informed, and how badly they want change. The signs are all there.

Even the PM has been labelled a false democrat in Canadian journo Mark Mackinnon’s scathing indictment of world leaders. Wisma Putra is predictably apoplectic.

“What??!! All this GTP,ETP  bla bla bla and he dared say we are a false democracy?” must be the refrain on that hill in Putrajaya.

But tell me, what do you call an administration that:

– Dismisses Bersih as just a political move to unseat the government despite the clearly stated claims of the movement for electoral reform
– Turns a blind eye to countless custodial deaths and allegations of police brutality 
– Denies the public its freedom to assemble in a place where Merdeka was first shouted.
– Ignores allegations of impropriety in public spending by govt institutions despite consecutive Auditor General’s report.
– Conducts selective prosecution and prosecution via two arms of the law (MACC and Attorney General’s Chambers)
– Denies the public access to information that is of public interest via the Official Secrets Act.
– Scraps the much-reviled Internal Security Act and still continues to keep ISA detainees in Kamunting, deprived of their right to fair trial.

I could go on…but you readers perhaps have your own list. Bottomline here is, accountability and a respect for the citizenry is sorely lacking. And its not about to change unless the citizenry itself starts to get down n dirty, and fix this flaw-ridden boat that is Malaysia.

That’s the only boat we have. 

Don’t go groping in America…

Some words of advice for our newly appointed Ambassador to the USA.

1) Don’t go groping bargirls in DC. The least you will get a a black eye. The worst, you might be shot by the said bargirl’s boyfriend, who could be packing some serious ammo. The diplomatic embarrassment that would then ensue would be unimaginable.

It is not like Malaysia where you can grope some chick at a lounge and when she lodges a report, lean on her to retract the said report claiming she’s not thinking straight.

Anyway the Brickfields groping incident I wrote about a year ago may be forgotten already by our paragons  in the media, but not me. There were unanswered questions then, but one thing I got clear. In Malaysia we should call the cops Polis Raja Di Malaysia. They can do anything and everything with impunity.

2) Please don’t go calling people “low class” just because of their skin colour. That is just not on, especially now that you are part of the diplomatic corp. That too an ambassador of minister status.

Actually I wonder at this whole “appointments of people to high places” thingie. While I wouldn’t call Tun Dr M’s Petronas advisorship a sinecure (the man is still sharp as a tack), I do question the Malaysia Airlines advisorship of Tun Abdullah Badawi.

And also Leo Moggie’s chairmanship of Tenaga Nasional. Granted he was the Energy minister but then, what does this really mean? All ministers can count on a sinecure position once they are out of politics or the cabinet?

Oh, by the way, Tempe, and Ashraf Abdullah, since you guys are big on morality, on the question of Elizabeth Wong, let’s talk about this groping fella’s right to his ambassadorship.

What? It was not proven you say? Yeah…right.

This is 1Malaysia. Anything boleh.

Muhyiddin Misses the Plot

Faux pas after faux pas after faux pas.

It is with much cynical sniggers that I have seen the masks come off the ruling BN folks since March 8 last year. No more finesse, no more diplomatic tone. Bye-bye to gentlemanly euphemisms.

Which is a good thing, because the Malaysian public get to see what Umno and Barisan Nasional that has been ruling Malaysia for the last 5 decades, is really like.

They have been and still is, a barrel of rotten apples. I can’t speculate about the future but if what our newly appointed Deputy Prime Minister said in Mingguan Malaysia over the weekend is any indication, UMNO and REFORM is a mutually exclusice concept.

Muhyiddin was baffled that the Chinese folks of B.Selambau and B.Gantang didn’t vote BN despite BN pouring money to the Chinese schools. He indicated that he felt cheated by the lack of support. He called them ungrateful.

The fact that he’s talking like this shows just how clueless our DPM is about sentiments. How people are fed up with the corruption in this country. How the same recipe of danging carrots does not work anymore.


The Chinese being the driving force of economic activity in Malaysia, seem to tell certain simpletons that the Chinese are all about the money and could be bought with money or promises of money.

And to their chagrin, they find that it is wrong. Muhyiddin’s statement may have been intended for the heartland Malays, but let’s not forget that millions of us are BM-literate too, and our grasp of the nuances of the languagecould be excellent.

Now the new DPM faces the wrath of the Chinese leaders, from DAP (which is expected) as well as MCA and Gerakan.

It is one thing for you Tan Sri, to tell Samy Vellu to shut up. That guy was being unreasonable in asking for Minister’s post and he deserves to have the door slammed in his face repeatedly.

But to rebuke the Chinese electorate is quite a risky thing especially at a time when you know that they have lost faith.

Who’s to blame for that if not the excesses of Umno itself. Before you start labeling them ungrateful, ask yourself what have you done for the electorate.

It is no longer about “Hey, if I give RMXX Million for Chinese schools, they’ll vote me. If I give XX number of university seats to the non-bumi high achievers, they’ll vote me.”

Not when the public is witnessing police brutality, stifling of dissent, gagging of the media, corruption and abuse of power on a regular basis.

People are not stupid. It’s a mistake to assume that we are.

For Muhyiddin to make this stupid mistake says a lot about him, and the bubble that the Umno elites have been living in.

Hello. Clean up your house first. Remember, the voters were not in love with PKR, PAS or DAP. They just hated BN more.

The two Bukit election results was just the sledgehammer blow that serves to reinforce the message.

You want good governance in Malaysia?

Be prepared to do your part then.

I have an idea. As usual, this idea came about during a teh tarik session with friends.

I was thinking, why, politics in Malaysia is equal to your bathtub after one month of leaving it unclean. Full of scum.

Politics everywhere in the world is like that. But here in Malaysia, it has become a culture that it tolerated. That’s what’s irking me.

I’m an average Malaysian. All I want from my government is fair policies, good governance and a collective desire to make this country one in which every citizen enjoys a reasonable, safe living conditions.

Is this too much to ask? No, it isn’t.

If our leaders these days are such losers, we have only ourselves to blame. We dismiss Malaysian politicians as corrupt scumbags and we revile them, and we wash our hands of it all in the process. Some of us are in our 30s and 40s and still haven’t voted once!

Shame on you!

If you want something done well, do your freaking part.

Here’s the problem, as Muaz Omar wrote in The Malaysian Insider last week. Pakatan Rakyat has a dearth of talent. Actually, there are tons of people who have the capability to become leaders of tomorrow. It is the sorry state of politics here that is keeping them away.

Now, why don’t you, dear reader, start looking for possible candidates to be groomed as future leaders.

Here’s a rudimentary criteria. The candidate for public office must be:

1) Financially solvent

2) Doesn’t have a criminal background, even by association.

3) Has some education, street smarts and intelligence.

4) Must show desire to serve. Doesn’t mind getting hands dirty to do work for the people.

5) Has qualities of honesty, know, that sort of stuff.

6) An effective communicator.

7) One who has respect for the diversity of cultures and religions in Malaysia, even if he or she is an atheist.

I’m sure you have some names among you who fit the criteria. Maybe you can talk them into it.

Now why am I being so kay poh about something like this? Because I care about the future of this country. Because I am sick of being cheated by leaders in whom we put our trust to govern. Because I’m sick of this country being run by robbers, morons and scumbags.

Now why am I counting myself out? Because I don’t meet all the criteria listed above.

But who knows, you might.

Calling DAP, PAS and PKR leaders! Aren’t you interested in having candidates like these to represent your parties?

Now let’s work together and find these paragons. An honest politician need not be an oxymoron!

An updated guide to new Malaysian terms

Ahh, don’t you miss the good old days, when life was simpler and words meant what everyone understood it to mean.


Things are much more difficult these days. But fret not, cos here’s a rough guide.

Mongolia Mari/That woman: refers to murdered Mongolian woman Altantuya.

Katak: a term used to describe elected MPs and state reps who jump parties.

Jelapang Whore: refers to a certain female state rep from Perak.

To be a Kugan: To die in police custody.

CAT: used to refer to the feline family. Now it’s an acronym of Competence, Accountability and Transparency.

Technical visit: Holidays and shopping trips by local politicians and their families to places like Disneyland, Dubai and Paris.

Old ways: Referring to a time when Umno was stronger; where every taxi permit had to be endorsed by and Umno division chief, among others.

Balkis: A Travel and Shopping Club for wives of Umno politicians. membership includes free luxury shopping, gifts and travel.

Bapak Koridor: the politician formerly known as Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Jimat: a term that used to mean savings or frugality. Now it means to “neutralise” a target. This is an internal code among the Police Special Forces (UTK).

Glokal: To rape country’s coffers and use the money for international visits.

BABI: formerly used to refer to the swine family. Now used in Umno circles as an acronym of Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim.

Phantom voter: Dead people exercising their democratic right.

Democracy Tree: A certain tree underneath which a historic and unusual meeting took place.

Reservoir Dogs: Perak Assembly Speaker V.Sivakumar’s team of bodyguards.

Permodalan Negeri Selangor Bhd: The party that picks up the tab for political wives’ shopping and travel.

Kita kan Serumpun: the phrase used to justify how come a first generation Malaysian could be MB of a state when there are three generations of people still with Red IC.

Traitor: Anyone who questions Umno way of doing things.

Tempe: 1) A substance, the oral ingestion of which would make your sagging skin tight again. 2) A person who has successful treatment using above-mentioned substance.

Liposuction: A new way to die, for rich females of Malaysia.

Money politics: A whimsical way to describe buying your way into a political post. Ali Rustam still dunno what it means.

Merapatkan Saf: An Umno version of the huddle.

Kodomo Lion: The son of a guy once lauded as the Lion of Umno.

ISA: Ikut Suka Aku. The “Aku” refers to whoever’s in power.

To do a Bala: refers to an act where you make two contradicting statutory declaration, and then disappear.

Superpoke: To have allegedly anally violated someone against his will.

Katrina: A certain hotel in Batu Pahat with free CCTV coverage. Dunno if they offer breakfast.

2 Bukit, 1 Batang: Two hills and one river (what did you think??)

Destiny: refers to your firm conviction that it’s your hubby’s turn to be PM.

Specialist Instigators: what some insecure folks call bloggers.

Derhaka: a term to describe criticism of the sultans, when anyone other than Umno does it.

Now, feel better?

Karma is a Bitch!

Here’s Ali Rustam, the swaggering UMNO powerbroker, chopped at the knees, done in by another more ambitious, powerful than him. That’s the prevailing thought anyway.

No sympathies here. This is one of the uglier faces of UMNO. I don’t think many people forgot how he rudely told off the PPP folks at a dinner where he was the guest of honour in Malacca, in 2007. He told them to get out of BN. “We don’t need you”, or something to that effect.

In fact this money politics thing ain’t new. Back two years ago when Isa Samad won his VP race with the highest votes, only to be suspended from UMNO in an ignominous manner after the Disciplinary Board found him guilty of vote-buying, there were rumblings that Isa was made scapegoat.

Even then Ali Rustam’s name resurfaced. But he escaped it somehow. Now’s his time. Still, I don’t think this guy will take it lying down. And I’m not alone.

This might lead to a serious rift in UMNO, hell, the party might just implode.

Which might not be a bad thing for the country after all.

I’ll tell you why I’m this cynical.

You see, word has it that there are many people (read Ali Rustam supporters as well as the Umno grassroots) who are pissed off at the way Ali Rustam was singled out for punishment at this particular time.

The inference is, “Everybody’s doing it, so why pick on him?”

So, they are basically admitting that rampant corruption, vote buying, graft, bribing in cash and kind, are all a normal thing in UMNO.

This is the kind of leaders who are going to safeguard “kedaulatan raja-raja” and “ketuanan melayu”.

A guy with all kinds of baggage on his head (allegations of graft, cover up, murderby proxy)  is poised to become the Prime Minister.

The three VP contenders come with their own issues. Muhyiddin aligned himself firmly with the DPM by calling for Pak Lah to get out.

Now the fallout from Ali Rustam saga may result in the Umno delegates deciding to vote Mat Tyson in protest. (You all know how he got that moniker, right?)

Imagine Mat Tyson gets voted in as deputy president of Umno.He will automatically be DPM of Malaysia, by next month.

So, we would have a hen-pecked PM with allegations of murder and shady defence deals hanging over his head.

And a DPM who,

1) Ran away with  2 million ringgit (or Aussie dollars, not sure) to Australia and got caught for it. When questioned he said he speaka no English.

2) Spirited a sultan’s daughter to Thailand to get married, while he’s stilll married.

3) Backhanded the same daughter a few years later at an airport, in public.


Let us Malaysians just dig our own graves and jump in it.

Cos the one party that still runs the country, is populated by vultures.