…and as the desperation grows

the violence escalates…


This picture shows a man who was hurt by a bottle hurled at him during a PKR ceramah in Lembah Pantai earlier today.

Insecure much? You will hurt innocents to stay in power eh? Don’t think Malaysians are not watching. You think you can win back KL?



N.Surendran’s statement

As many already know, human rights lawyer N.Surendran was recently appointed as a PKR vice president. Below is his statement, reproduced verbatim, except for minor typo corrections.


On 18th December, 2010 I was appointed as a Vice President of KEADILAN. I welcome this appointment and thank KEADILAN for placing their trust in me by appointing me to this position.

I hope to bring to the important task facing me, the experience I have gained from more than a decade’s work as a human rights lawyer, an activist, and an NGO Leader.

That experience taught me that many of the problems facing the people
can only be resolved by engaging in the political process, in order to
reform and change the way this country is administered. And I have no
doubt that KEADILAN and the wider Pakatan Rakyat have the resolve and
capability to carry out this process of reform and change, and to create a fairer, juster, and more prosperous Malaysia.

Pakatan Rakyat’s  Common Policy Framework is humanist, compassionate, practical and achievable.  It is a sign-post to a better future for all Malaysians.

Unlike the Barisan Nasional component parties, KEADILAN is a multi-racial party which acts in the interest of all the races of this country. I
recognise that different types of problems are faced by the various
communities in this country.

These problems have to be looked into according to the needs of each community. I am fully aware of the serious problems faced by the Indian community in this country, and resolve to attend to it, hand in hand with the issues facing all the other communities. No community or segment of this country can be said to be enriched, if their brethren in another community remain impoverished.

As a human rights lawyer and activist I have represented victims of all races such as Kugan, ex-airman Tharmendran, Aminulrasyid Amzah and Norizan Salleh. As Vice President of KEADILAN I will continue to assist my fellow Malaysians of every race and creed.

I do not believe in a politics of cliques, factions and coteries. I
believe the aim of politics is not self-aggrandisement or to profit
oneself, but to benefit the people and uplift the nation. Whosoever
has the good of the people at heart, he is my ally in this struggle.

I call upon all Malaysians who love freedom and justice to rally
around us, and help us save this country from the grip of oppression
and misrule.

I take this opportunity to wish all Malaysian Christians, a Merry Christmas!

Issued by,


We’re with you Eli!

They say you must walk a mile in a person’s shoes before criticising or judging him. I’d like to say the same to Khir Toyo, who is demanding the resignation of Bukit Lanjan Assemblywoman Elizabeth Wong.

On Facebook yesterday, I joined a group that was set up to support Eli. A friend of mine asked me if i could send the copy or link to the compromising photos that led to her tearful resignation. This friend of mine also said she sympathised with Eli’s plight.

I asked myself then, wouldn’t it be compounding the problem if I were to respond to accede to that request.

What if it was your photo that was making the rounds? Wouldn’t it make u feel worse if your friends and family saw it, rather than total strangers?

Let’s respect the privacy of Elizabeth Wong, who was the victim of a crime of malicious intent. The woman has already been betrayed by someone close. Must we, in our basest voyeuristic curiosity, perpetuate the violation again and again?

Why are those pictures still around? Can’t the police crack down on this website?

And to Khir Toyo and all those sanctimonious asses out there, why don’t you pay attention to those tudung-clad Malaysian chicks who are gleefully showing off their exhibitionistic tendencies for the world to see, doing it in offices and X-ray rooms, obviously aware of the video camera.

Eli’s pictures on the contrary, were taken and uploaded online without her knowledge or consent.

Last I checked, pornography was a crime in this country.