The great Malaysian burger festival is on!!

Kuala Lumpur: The two Malaysian burger giants, Old Timer Burger and Romly Burger has come together in a rare show of agreement as both lauded the welcome announcement by KL Police Chief, Car Lid Burn.

Car Lid Burn yesterday said that there was nothing wrong with people who want to set up burger stalls in front of anyone’s house, so long as they do not cause trouble.

“We’ve been getting many calls from young men who see a blue ocean market waiting for them at posh residential areas, and frankly, we are delighted,” says Oblong bin Bulat, the marketing director at Old Time burger.

Before this, according to him, residents of such areas as Taman Duta, Bukit Tunku, Bukit Damansara, Country Heights and Embassy Row in Jalan Ampang have always turned up their noses at having the humble burger stall in front of their houses.

“They like their burgers, but they’d rather have it at Desa Sri Hartamas you know, where they can chomp on 10 ringgit burgers and pretend they are slumming.”

Romly Burger is now welcoming franchise partners to open up stalls in such areas at Putrajaya, namely Precinct 1, 10 especially at the entrance of Seri Perdana, the Prime Minister’s office and Seri Satria.

“These are places where a lot of foreign dignitaries come to visit. Romly Burger might as well be their first taste of real Malaysia. I think Romly Burger has the potential to put Malaysia on the world map for all the right reasons,” its chairman and CEO Ayam Special said.

Meanwhile, the last weekend saw a rather empty street near Dataran Merdeka as the usual Rempit posse stayed home to work on their new business plan.

Petty Trader Association (Ikhlas) however, was adamant that burgers in front of posh houses are an idea of theirs and are planning to sue both the burger giants.

Its head, Muhamed Reezvan Ubaidoolla was apoplectic and went steadily purple as he yelled,”Kita Bantah, Kita Bantah!!”

Attempts to get further reaction failed as Reezvan keeled over, and had to be rushed to the nearest hospital. At press time, his fate was still unknown.


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