Ignore the social media at your own peril


Checked Wikipedia today and found that the global population is 6,926, 500,000.

The global Facebook audience? 688,890,800. That is nearly 10% of the world population.

Malaysia has a population of 27,565,821 (according to Malaysia’s 2010 Census). How many Malaysians are online ? According the data found here , it is 64% of the population.

Pls remember though that the percentage quoted here was against a 2010 population estimate of 26,160,256. Our Statistic Department’s Census says its about 27.5 million. So, put against this stats, I guess the penetration of internet is a bit higher.

According to Checkfacebook.com, Malaysian Facebook audience is 11,159,200. That’s more than 40% of the population and about 70% of the population.

In short, this social media called Facebook has the widest reach. Forget newspapers, forget TV even. It is Facebook.

Marketers have woken up to the impact of social media fairly early. But then social media is not just about consumption. These are the net personas of mostly real people, who live in the real world.

Real people with real life dreams, aspirations, opinions, concerns and desires. What is different is that people could share what they think, faster than you’ve ever known.

Why is that relevant? Who cares if Aishwarya Rai is pregnant?  Millions of people apparently. When Amitabh Bachchan announced his daughter in law’s preggers status yesterday, he did it on Twitter. By nightfall it was global news.That was a welcome news I guess. The Bachchans are indeed social media savvy, I must say.

But that’s not all. The Arab Spring was called the Facebook revolution. And look what it has done. Do not underestimate the power of social networkers in large numbers.

Back home in Malaysia. I think the PM should take heed of what is happening online, and seriously listen to the rumblings. Otherwise, he might just lose his job.

Hey, when you really think about it, maybe its already too late. The BN-controlled media was closed to any dissenting views, so the dissenters were forced to find alternatives. Technology opened up and flattened the playing field. In fact, as the mainstream media gets further sidelined by changing public behaviour and preference, the online media gets stronger.

For better or worse, the Opposition’s views get more traction with the Malaysian Netizens. I’m not sure that is all good. But after years of drone-like subservience, Malaysians have taken the proverbial red pill (The Matrix movie reference, sorry).

Now, not even your best intentions can influence a fed up public,  Mr PM. As to this Bersih rally, you’re damned if you crack down on these protesters. They protested cos you didn’t listen to them in the first place. Very embarrassing for you politically and internationally.

If you allow Bersih 2.0 to go on peacefully, hey, you might even get some good PR from the public. But your own Umno warlords will castrate you for being a “dayus”. So I guess you and your cousin Hishammudin will get evil on the Bersih 2.0 participants, cos you gotta save face.

So we are moving inexorably towards transition. All because of your pride.

You think you can kow tim the situation by outsourcing the fiery rhetoric and bloody threats to the fighter cocks like Perkasa’s Brahem Ali and KJ? That’s a mistake.




Ibrahim Ali will cost you dearly. He’s done a fantastic job of alienating people from your government and BN. You’ve done nothing so far to discourage him. But maybe that was part of the plan. If so, thank you for the frog.

Within Umno though, they are out for your blood. I guess you have plan B in place. A nice little hideaway in Kazakhstan perhaps? Where cultural learnings of Malaysia can be put to good use 😛


3 thoughts on “Ignore the social media at your own peril

  1. HeHe YES ! Had tabletalk with SHIVAN n SAKTI, managed to cut a deal.
    I get a new lease if i help out in increasing the crowd on BERSIH DAY.
    All the best

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