N.Surendran’s statement

As many already know, human rights lawyer N.Surendran was recently appointed as a PKR vice president. Below is his statement, reproduced verbatim, except for minor typo corrections.


On 18th December, 2010 I was appointed as a Vice President of KEADILAN. I welcome this appointment and thank KEADILAN for placing their trust in me by appointing me to this position.

I hope to bring to the important task facing me, the experience I have gained from more than a decade’s work as a human rights lawyer, an activist, and an NGO Leader.

That experience taught me that many of the problems facing the people
can only be resolved by engaging in the political process, in order to
reform and change the way this country is administered. And I have no
doubt that KEADILAN and the wider Pakatan Rakyat have the resolve and
capability to carry out this process of reform and change, and to create a fairer, juster, and more prosperous Malaysia.

Pakatan Rakyat’s  Common Policy Framework is humanist, compassionate, practical and achievable.  It is a sign-post to a better future for all Malaysians.

Unlike the Barisan Nasional component parties, KEADILAN is a multi-racial party which acts in the interest of all the races of this country. I
recognise that different types of problems are faced by the various
communities in this country.

These problems have to be looked into according to the needs of each community. I am fully aware of the serious problems faced by the Indian community in this country, and resolve to attend to it, hand in hand with the issues facing all the other communities. No community or segment of this country can be said to be enriched, if their brethren in another community remain impoverished.

As a human rights lawyer and activist I have represented victims of all races such as Kugan, ex-airman Tharmendran, Aminulrasyid Amzah and Norizan Salleh. As Vice President of KEADILAN I will continue to assist my fellow Malaysians of every race and creed.

I do not believe in a politics of cliques, factions and coteries. I
believe the aim of politics is not self-aggrandisement or to profit
oneself, but to benefit the people and uplift the nation. Whosoever
has the good of the people at heart, he is my ally in this struggle.

I call upon all Malaysians who love freedom and justice to rally
around us, and help us save this country from the grip of oppression
and misrule.

I take this opportunity to wish all Malaysian Christians, a Merry Christmas!

Issued by,



5 thoughts on “N.Surendran’s statement

  1. I have seen Surendran appear countless times on Malaysiakini video reports of police heavy-handedness and he seems very passionate about human rights issues. Most commendable and inspiring. He already has my vote!

    • Likewise Antares. Not just human rights. He is also pres of the Animal Rights Society. U can’t go wrong with this sorta dude. But I do worry that that with so many human rights cases ending up with him, what then with politics. Might stretch himself thin there.

      Esp in Malaysia where the ill-informed electorate expects their MP to be a longkang complaint MP as well. Pre-2008, most of the MCA MPs were reduced to doing that as well. UMNO, jangan harap laa nak turun padang.

  2. did you read my comments at AI blog abt surendran’s statement and his arch angel’s tweet.
    I was really pissed off with that lunatic of an mp gopala.
    Yeh ! this guy surendran seems decent enough but again its the crab story in pkr,mic,ppp,and all the other p’s.

  3. Ya lah! you have your reasons for rarely going into DSAIs blog.
    YES ! i went in and my comments got published when i “whacked” gopala teruk2 but When i wrote about his indulgence in easing the rift , my posting was not “approved”
    Pity SHIVAN lah, got played out by PKR but this will affect PAS and DAP.
    That DRX says temple closed cos of land slide, then manika says not true cos no plans summited and no approval given, goipala says temple was fined 200k , Sivarasah says nothing, surendran talks politics”new broom” gopala says cos of the land behind the temple.
    Aiyoooo appa, Whats happening lah m confused lah. A simple reason as to why/how the temple was barricaded thus preventing the devotees from performing their daily ritual, they cannot give a simple reason,then how ah? How they going to run the country?
    Silly me ? groomed the wrong horse.

    Why not get MSG to do the talking.
    I post a comment at KOKs blog, not approved.
    These jokers are taking everybody for a ride lah, YAH lah, its EUROPHIA IN MISERY for me too ! Hehe
    Anyway, if these jokers cant solve a simple issue like this, CONTRIDICTING each other like hell,how ah ?
    They think we are like the 1920 my mother the car or the flintstones type ah?
    I regret whacking gopala like a rabid hound lah. I must minta ampun from GOPALA lah.He must have been onto something fishy thus his burst and Disinformation says he is jealous of not being appointed VP.
    A simple election cant be conducted above board,alleged manipulations .
    Why not they give some form of reasons for closing the temple to malaysian hindu sangam and let them give their comments.
    I dont trust Dr X, slimy fellow, Ok thanks for listening. Your choice of approving or not. TQ

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