Brahim 1Datukship less

Our dearest Pasir Mas MP cum one man “Malay rights champion” just got his Datukship revoked by the Sultan of Kelantan.

But he still has two more and so, you can still call him Datuk…if you wish to.


2 thoughts on “Brahim 1Datukship less

  1. Hi There,
    You know something is very very fishy about this iguana.
    He is having army guys checking on his security/welfare, at regular
    intervals and the police too sign in at his gate at taman melawati along the main road facing the tamil school.His is a corner lot with the main entrance facing the main road.
    Funny ah this practice?
    If police sign in , ok lah tu, but why army guys????????????
    Very very very funny ah this practice !!!!!!!!
    They patrol his house regularly from about 11pm ,1am,3am, and so on.
    How i know, I lepak at his neighbours house with a clear view of his main gate where the army guys come in a land rover, usually 3 of them, and stop at his gate, have a look see and go back only to be back in a short while.
    You mean a guy with 3 lato title is entitled to army security???
    Someone must bring this up.
    Maybe mamak gang!

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