Cartoonist Zunar Arrested, Another Sedition Farce

People are going missing.

Kids are going missing,

Some guys are getting shot in broad daylight.

Some are slashed to death in front of their houses.

Yet the cops go and arrest a cartoonist.

Yeah folks. It’s all over Twitter and Facebook.

Here’s from MalaysiaKini.

Apparently Zunar is a dangerous person and now being investigated for sedition. Just when he’s gonna launch another book. Nice!

Looks like the authorities really have no appreciation for humour, be it satire or outright lampoon.

I guess they equate him with Bal Thackeray, who was once a cartoonist himself.

Let me tell ya, it is ridiculous to fear cartoonists, unless you fear their truth.


One thought on “Cartoonist Zunar Arrested, Another Sedition Farce

  1. Look at all the countries where cartoonist are arrested and tell me what is the common denominator. The leadership in these countries are corrupt to the core. The USSR collapsed because the leders in the Kremlin were so corrupt they tolerated no dissent. Sounds familiar in Mlaysia?

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