Are you a happy Malaysian today?

I’m not. And you’re not wrong if you are unhappy too. Not a very comforting landscape, today’s Malaysia.

Babies being dumped like they’re trash. Murder here, attempted murder there. Scandal in high places. Steyr gang robberies. Bullets in the mail.

Racist politicians. Eh! But then in Bolehland that is normal. I mean to say racist teacher. Sex, lies and CCTV. Vice president allegedly taking the “vice” in his title literally. I said allegedly…

“Ketuanan” this and that. Insecurity galore.

Meanwhile, the economy is not really going anywhere that matters. Petrol naik. GST. Subsidies going, going, gone, but that may not necessarily be a bad thing for a lot of folks.

Until you consider that the so called middle class may soon have some members falling off the rank cos purchasing power is eroding steadily. Until you realise that real wages have not grown in tandem (or in any reasonable proportion).

In the meantime, the cursed Internet is bringing us proles more somber tidings of abuse of power, the rape of a state by it’s leader while his people are gripped by abject poverty.

Feel the bile rising yet?

This is a ripe recipe for a home brewed revolution. Remember the saying, 9 meals from anarchy? While the Tuans are yelling Perang Besar and Jangan Cabar Kami, do you really think they care that you are eating less today so your kids can eat?

There are those that say that the 80s and 90s were stable and safe. They long for the heydays. They are too lost in the romance of the Mahathir era, conveniently forgetting that much of their rights were taken away during that time.

Unconscionable acts  were committed in the name of maintaining order, but in reality,  as we can see so clearly today, it was to ensure political hegemony.

Some say we are headed for chaos. Looks like it could be that way. Things might get very bad, before it gets better.

But I won’t lose heart. I realise this. Whatever the politicians, (BN or Pakatan) may say, for the first time in decades, you and I could make our voices heard.

You can question your government. The multiple can of worms that opened in the past two years is the result of a climate where people spoke up against blatant wrongs, corruption, abuses and betrayal of mandate.

There has been plenty of signs that the powers that be have begun to fear the one thing they thought was a fixed deposit.

Your vote.

So, go sign up as a voter today (if you haven’t already). It will have direct bearing on your future, or your child’s. Now you may not care so much about your own, but do you really have the luxury, or the right, to mess with your kids future?

I think not.


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