Farewell to A Woman of Boundless Faith, Courage, Love and Kindness

Al Fatihah.

I break my indefinite hiatus from the world of blogging to share a sad news. Raden Galoh@Dalilah Tamrin, mother, wife, cancer sufferer, fellow blogger, friend and all around inspiration, is called to be with God today.

She passed on today at 8.50am after a long battle with cancer. The funeral will be held today at her kampung in Bukit Changgang, Banting.

Throughout the short years I’ve known her, she has never failed to amaze me with her sheer spirit. Her words, written with quiet honesty, was meant to inspire, not to engender sympathy.

How she managed to be a wife, a mother to growing kids, a daughter to her mom, and still manage to share her story and be there for other cancer sufferers, beats me.

It is rare in this life to encounter such an individual that continues to inspire us even when she herself is fighting unimaginable pain from a debilitating disease.

It would have floored a lesser being. Dalilah though, was not one of those. She’s a hero to me. Perhaps the best tribute we can pay her, is to tell her story, and lend a hand in support to those who battle this dreaded disease.

God puts us on earth for a reason, I believe. Many of us live through an entire lifetime without discovering why. Dalilah discovered her purpose. I hope by remembering her story and helping to lend a hand to her cause, we too can fulfill our purpose on earth.

Readers, you can read more about her travails at onebreastbouncing.blogspot.com.

Rest In Peace, sister. God bless your soul.

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P.S. It may escape my fellow blog brethren that Dalilah’s passing is exactly a year after blogger Ancient Mariner’s demise, on July 19 2009.


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