Sarawak: The Poor and The Pirates

Sarawak. Rich in biodiversity. Abundant in natural resources. A wildlife haven. The land of plenty. Yet Sarawak’s hardcore poor is numbered at 11,223 according to this report. I think that’s just the surface, but that’s a story for another day.

Minister Shahrizat Jalil is quick to say that these 11,000 odd people will be lifted out of the hardcore poverty bracket by year end. All thanks to the Ministry implementing its National Key Results Areas objectives. How nice.

The report also does not say how much would be allocated for this particular poverty eradication episode. But a Bernama report from last week said a sum of RM115.6 was allocated for this purpose under the 9th Malaysia Plan.

But mind you, this is 2010. It took the NKRA to achieve this? What was going on all this while?

I think now we know why, now. The dudes at the top were too busy feathering their nest. Read this and make up your own mind.

I need to go puke now. Back in a while…


One thought on “Sarawak: The Poor and The Pirates

  1. Many “tourists” come for biopiracy. Once back home, the concept of “intellectual property” gives them “ownership” of organisms after they modify our plants or animals in some superficial way (nuclear irradiation or breeding). Then they sell us some useful component, or use international agreements and friendly local admnistrators to drive out local competition. If you think this is a joke, note that it almost happened to (a) neem (b) basmati rice. A large number of crop varieties have been lost because “modern” agricultural laws force farmers to use patented varieties.

    One party of several tourists was caught with specimens they wanted to take out after visiting local caves. What has been the subsequent successes?

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