Financing Our Kids’ Education

Every year,we hear the same story abt our kids not being able to further their studies despite having good grades because there are not enuff scholarships to go around. I was thinking, there are only X number of loans, scholarships and education grants available every year and yet the number of qualified students keep increasing.

Just an idea floating around in my head. Why don’t we set up a foundation. Call it say…Yayasan Anak Malaysia. Malaysia’s working population is about 11 million. How many would be earning RM2500 and above?

If we could get each working individual earning RM2500 to donate RM1 a day to this foundation, imagine how many students we can finance?

I don’t have kids. But I don’t mind parting with RM 365 a year, if it means poor but high-scoring students get to university, or if it means every child in the rural area gets basic education at the very least.

How we govern this fund? There will be hiccups of course. The criteria is simple. Kids from families who can’t afford to educate them only.

For I think the vicious cycle of continued poverty, unemployment and crime could be brought down if we give our kids a way out. Education is paramount.

I may sound too idealistic, but if we continue to depend on our flawed government, a lot of children in this country have a bleak future.

Many of us got our breaks somehow somewhere. Now why not pay it forward to other kids. Let us have Penan doctors, Orang asal lawyers, Kelabit IT engineers, Dayak fashion designers, Temuan cordon bleu chefs in the multitude. You may laugh, but imagine the possibilities.

Let’s discuss this. Set aside the cynicism and stop thinking anti this and anti that, and instead think how we can make this a success. Share your ideas. Let’s see if we can take this further.


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