Come on baby light my fire..

All the violence done in the name of religion……throughout the centuries, makes me wonder if this whole religion business, isn’t a bit dodgy .  Who was that dude who said religion is the opium of the people? Marx wasn’t it? But then again I wonder, if religion is an opium, then its effect must be soporific.

But the firebombing of three churches in Malaysia sounds like  some people are on acid, going around setting fire to other people’s places of worship.

So Karl Marx was wrong. Religion is no opium. But he could be forgiven. He probably didn’t know of acid or meth or any of the modern day poison people use to screw up their brain.

In Malaysia according to some people’s understanding, Allah is a word that is meant for use by Malay Muslims only, and in relation to Islam only. The Catholic Herald challenged this. The High Court last week agreed with them.

But no, this decision ain’t final. It would be appealed. And I’m waiting to see if there is a courageous judge(s) on the Court of Appeal who would uphold the High Court decision.

However, in this country, if a certain group of people don’t like a court verdict or a policy decision, they are free to go and have a public protest. Some of them might bring a cow head, others might shout incendiary slogans. Yet others might throw an incendiary device at some buildings.

Other people can’t have even a candlelight vigil without having the might of the FRU men with HK MP5 bearing down on them menacingly, not to mention water canons and tear gas.

Have you seen how long it took the Najib administration to condemn the attacks?

Why is it that we can’t be allowed as citizens of this country, to have a discourse inter-religious disagreements after 52 years of independence?

Welcome to Malaysia. Not much has changed in 2010. I fear that not much will.


One thought on “Come on baby light my fire..

  1. If you study the faces of angry Umno-sponsored mobs, you might notice (as I invariably do) that the majority appear to be suffering the same species of barely concealed sexual guilt as the White Anglo-Saxon Protestants who join the Ku Klux Klan and lynch niggers. The perfect formula for brownshirtism: sexually traumatize an entire tribe and turn them into a zombie mob to be unleashed againsst public order at random. They can assuage their long-suppressed sense of unworthiness by channeling it into militant self-righteousness.

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