Harapkan pagar, pagar curi enjin…

In some countries, the military has been seen as the neutralising force in a war between two political factions. In this country, the military has been often seen as being loyal to the king (you read between the lines, ok).

The armed forces are our defense, our guardians, me defending our borders from threats and keeping order even within.

So when I read of the two fighter jet engines going missing, possibly sold to some unscrupulous parties, it is like a gut punch that sent me reeling. What’s even more absurd is the news of some of our generals being involved in this farce.

That there is very little honour left in this country’s governance is not a moot point anymore. Every other day we hear of a new can of worms, from both sides of the political divide.

The way the government of the day runs the country (or doesn’t) is all there to see. There is very little accountability in governance.

Sure, our police force has been reduced to being the trigger-happy bunch and the enforcing arm of the government’s political will, is apparent.

The lawyers are mostly treated like dogs for standing up for justice. The judiciary has to a large extent been either bought or emasculated. The lone wolves still standing their ground have been or will be transferred.

The  AG’s chambers? Oh, they lost us a piece of rocky outcrop called sovereignty, remember? The royals? I’m not even going there. The parliamentarians? Largely absent, or at best, at each other’s throat.

But even with all this, the theft of the engines is a low blow. Rock bottom. Subterranean. The pits. Can’t they see that what they saw as a small time skim cepat kaya, is going to compromise our country.

But that is not as bad as the cover up job now under progress. First,  Zahid Hamidi said some high ranking armed forces dudes were responsible and they have been sacked. Then Mindef denied that the sacked generals were related to this case.

Today we saw a lowly sergeant and a company director being charged. Come on. Is that all? The RMAF today in the eyes of any Malaysian with a modicum of intelligence, is the Royal Malaysian Air Farce.

Surely we deserve better than this? Surely there is a more creative explanation than the one currently being played for us?


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