Oi! Don’t Screw With My Country

Us Malaysians are generally a generous lot. Especially when it comes to helping those affected by disaster, war or any other hardship. From individuals to corporates to the government, we do not stint in aid, especially to neighbours.

From Darfur, to Kosovo, to China to Aceh to Sri Lanka, Palestine and God knows where else, we have stepped up to help.

Even at the height of the Indon-media-whipped resentment against Malaysia in the past few months, Malaysian students helped out with relief efforts during the West Jawa quake (early September).

This time around it is Sumatra that is hit, and it is only decent to help one another in the times of humanitarian crisis. That is what Malaysia is doing, in droves.

So why throw stones at us, people of Padang? Isn’t that energy better spent helping the thousands of people who are still trapped beneath the rubble? Why do you bite the very hand that’s coming to help you when your own govt can’t cope with relief efforts?

Our own official response to the stone-throwing has been rather mild, if you read into what the DPM says here. In the meantime, we have the Mercy folks there,with Air Asia flying them in. The Armed Forces medicos are there too.

Here’s what the PM said. Three types of assistance. Hear that?  Search and rescue, medical and humanitarian aid.

In times of critical emergencies like these, you drop whatever hostilities you may have with each other and just help, beacuse there are people’s lives at stake. I think it is big of us to ignore the hostile reaction of a small group of Padang denizens. I think it should not stop us from helping the thousands displaced and victimised by the earthquake.

But do not insult us. We can be patient only for so long.


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