Fruits of a Poisoned Tree

The poisoned tree is Policy. The system put in place to aid and facilitiate governance has to be well-thought out and mapped, with check and balance mechanisms in place to ensure the greater aims of the of policies are achieved with efficacy and at the same time, not make victims of the people it governs.

Last week we Malaysians saw a horrible instance of how ill-thought policy, arbitrary powers without any checks, and unmonitored implementation, can literally cost someone’s life.

And now, no snivelling, justifying, bringing out the race card and calling the indignant masses rabble-rousing politicking asses can bring that Teoh Beng Hock back.

What’s even worse, there is no truth that will appease a Malaysian public that has lost faith in the system. So, Mr Najib, Mr Muhyiddin, Mr Selangor CPO, you do what you guys want, because no one’s gonna believe you guys.

Let he cops investigate the MACC and Teoh’s suspicious death? According to Charles Hector, quoting government statistics, there has been about 3,000 deaths in our prisons and police lock-ups. You trust the pagar to investigate and protect the padi?

There has been allegations by cops themselves saying they have been victimised by higher-ups, just for doing their jobs. Siapa nak percaya?

We have the government-controlled Malay media spinning the salient facts to their advantage, insidiously poisoning the thoughts of their readers with such notions that this current anger against MACC is a threat against the Malay institutions. The guy who wrote the editorial must have had frontal lobotomy recently.

Woi! This is Malaysia. MACC is not Malay Anti Corruption Commission. It stands for MALAYSIAN Anti Corruption Commission. We all share this land. The wrongful death of one Malaysian, regardless of whether its a Wong, Suresh, Ali, Taban anak Lemang, Vicky Rozario, or Amarjit, is a crime against all Malaysian citizens.

A senseless death such as Teoh’s is bound to incite some raw emotions, no doubt, but it conjures all kinds of sinister implications when the political aspects were taken into account.

Najib could have been said to bow to public pressure when he agreed to a Royal Commission inquiry into this mess. It was a populist move no doubt, today it leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.

Because the RCI will be aimed at determining whether Teoh’s rights were violated when he was interrogated in the custody of MACC. An inquest will take care of Teoh’s death questions.


Isn’t there one man left in the Malaysian cabinet who still has a semblance of honour and integrity, to stand up and demand accountability and truth?

Obviously not.

And speaking of this Royal Commission business, will it translate into actual prosecution by the AG’s chambers?  After, the Correct Correct Correct Lingam Saga, I am frankly doubtful.

You expect Gani Patail and his posse to do the right thing? You expect our compromised judiciary to deliberate over the questions of facts and laws? Irrelevant, says Augustine Paul.

What about making MACC itself answer the obvious questions. Why haven’t they demonstrated any action by investigating

1) the Zakaria family (of the Klang mansion saga). The family seems to have gotten off scot free when the patriarch died.

2) Khir Toyo’s million dollar mansion.

And why is it no one bats an eyelid about the possible cyanide poisoning of water resources in Pahang?

Or the rape of the Penan women and girls in Sarawak?

These are also questions of public interest, aren’t they?

You draw your own conclusions, readers.

Me? I know a neighbour once who torched his mattress because it was so infested with bedbugs. He knew its way past time for a new one. 52 years on, I think its time for a bonfire.

The fire will be YOU coming out and demanding accountability. The question is, do you value your country or the future of your kids enough to do so?


2 thoughts on “Fruits of a Poisoned Tree

  1. I met some rich kids recently who told me, quite proudly, they were apolitical. Then I also met a bona fide prince who chided me for being foolishly optimistic that things could ever change in Malaysia. “The corruption is too deeply entrenched,” he said. Of course, he knows he has nothing to fear from the MACC or the PDRM. They only come after you when you get involved in politics – and pose a serious threat to their 52-year political hegemony! The least we can do, as citizens and patriots who believe in a free and just nation, is to make it a point to physically participate in rallies and public protests -like the memorial service tonight for Teoh Beng Hock at the Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall; and the Anti-ISA rally on August 1st.

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