Goodbye Captain

Tribute to the Ancient Mariner.

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act – George Orwell.

I think this is an apt quote to describe a very special man whom I knew for barely two years.

Capt Yusof Ahmad, father, son, retired seaman, husband, friend, a jovial man and a blogger committed almost single-mindedly towards exposing the Port Klang Free Zone scandal, died late last night in his sleep.

The late captain’s mom passed away just last week, and my last contact with him was posting my condolence message on his Facebook. But this witty, intelligent, warm man I used to jokingly call Kepala Lanun (he got a kick outta that) is no more.

He was, according to Tok Mommy, to be buried today after Zohor prayers.

When I started blogging, more than 2 years ago, I met several like-minded individuals that I’ve grown to respect and love. Captain Yusof was one. I remember marching with him during the Bersih rally. He proudly wore the yellow t-shirt, just like me.

That man I was proud to know, has left us, and it is a void we will find very very hard to grieve. He used to be an ubiquitous presence during Mee Rebus at Maria Samad’s place. Always free with a kind word, always quick with a witty, sometimes mildly ribald repartee.

He was called to be with God, and we whom he left behind will mourn his passing, cherish memories with him and remember always the unflagging zeal with which he pursued the blatant injustice that was PKFZ, and bringing it to light.

Malaysian blogosphere has lost a good man, and I have lost my Bugis, Kepala Lanun friend. My heartfelt condolences to his family and friends.

Rest In Peace, Captain! We whom you left, will miss you dearly!

Thank you Elviza and Stephen for letting me know. Blog tributes aggregated at  Rocky’s.

One thought on “Goodbye Captain

  1. yea, its really sad to have lost our dear Ol’ Capt. he was one of the big names in the local sopo-blogging fraternity. personally it was a great honour to be acquainted with this wonderful man, not just strictly in cyberspace but as well in real life.

    a great man, will greatly be missed.

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