Teo Beng Hock’s Death: Disturbing Questions

I could have turned up for the vigil at Shah Alam’s Plaza Masalam in honour of the late Teo Beng Hock, who was found dead on the rooftop of this building. It’s happening right now.

But I think I can do a better job asking the questions that a sense of justice demands that every Malaysian ask.

First question: Did Teoh jump or was he thrown? Simply the difference between murder and suicide here.

Although like most Malaysians, I’m rather cynical about the workings of the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission, I thought I would draw the line at inferring they would resort to homicide.

But after reading what Lulu wrote, I am not so sure this just another persecutory body, like Pekida, but one armed with legal might.

Second question: If he did commite suicide, where is the suicide note?

Teoh Beng Hock dead

Pix from the Malaysian Insider

As you can see, it was daylight when they found the body. If there was a suicide note on his person, it would have been made known already, the case being as controversial as this.

Read more here, if you haven’t already. As was reported yesterday, Teoh was hauled to the MACC hq in Shah Alam and questioned for 10 hours allegedly about the abuse of state allocations. Source: this report.

Stinks to high heaven, doesn’t it? Especially since MACC did nothing about a former Selangor MB’s Disneyland trips and his multi-million ringgit mansion.The stink of selective persecution. As Jeff Ooi said, Teoh certainly didn’t die a natural death.

This statement-making death will make the news and will force the fledgling MACC into the limelight in all the wrong ways. Not that they were pristine to begin with.

A friend of mine from rural Port Dickson called 30 minutes ago and said he saw an unusual sight. Some 30 people gathered at a coffee shop near his house and within the group, an MCA politician and a DAP one sat at the table to discuss this very issue.

Today, information takes on a viral aspect. Very swift. I reckon unless you are totally not wired and live among people who also aren’t, you would have heard this news by now.

What I need you readers to do is ask the hard questions.

The Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission was formed ostensibly to fight corruption. Till date however, the relentless zeal with which they carried out this mandate has been tarnished by the fact the they target Pakatan Rakyat figures.

I don’t see why MACC cannot provide to the media the exact proceedings of the 10-hour interrogation. Even if its a guilty Teoh who jumped off the building, I would like to know what happened.

Until the MACC comes clean about the investigation, they will be a suspect.

I read off a Facebook status message that a friend put on, saying she heard that Teoh was supposed to register his marriage today. If that was true, it makes this all the more gut-wrenching.


41 thoughts on “Teo Beng Hock’s Death: Disturbing Questions

  1. I THINK the picture of should say something, whether he was pushed, thrown, or he voluntarily made a jump. i really hope some expert out there can compare this picture to some other suicide pictures and prove that he was thrown/pushed –>killed!!!

  2. Teoh didn’t jump. Nor was he pushed out the wndow. I believe he was dangled upside down to scare him. Unfortunately for the MACC – and for the poor guy (and his bride-to-be and Teoh’s family an friends) – his pants tore. I think RPK got it right. Another “accidental” murder in New Mordor…

  3. 1st of all my deepest condolence to teo beng hock family..

    something bothers me..if this is a murder suppose the suspect of the case being investigated will be the prime suspect??why other people including bn want to kill him, that not benefit them but will only give benefit to the suspect (if they are guilty)…

    i’m sure if this case is involves mr khir toyol and then his aide who being held is dead, the public will cried out that khir toyol is guilty and the aide was killed to ensure no evidence coming out..

    just my common sense…

    personally i think he was murdered..suicide is out of question, accidental death maybe but very low probability..i think the one who hold responsible for the death is the MACC, witness should be protected at all cost until case closed..

  4. Funny that no news ask for witness of the incident to contact any number. Masalam is a public area. I’m sure there must be other witness there.

  5. Hei guys, lets the police do the investigation. Don’t keep on blaming MACC. If he is guilty, you all must accept it, he scared of prison, so comitted suicide!

  6. Have you seen in TV, Ronie Liu come to MACC office and scold all the people there? For me, Ronie, you just like a monkey! No fact, no proof, then blamed MACC. Hei man, rilex… Lets police do the investigation first. We’ll see who’s fault is it.

    Steve, you’re correct. Teoh maybe a suspect, and he knew that he’ll be in jail soon. So, he committed suicide. But that just my opinion…

    And to Kindaichi, Previous Selangor MB is Khir Toyo, and not Khir Toyol! you yourself know what is toyol right? (ghost in malay..) so stupid are you… are you japanese? name looks like japanese. or you ar malay? Umno people? or you are DAP / MCA / MIC, whatever la. The most important thing, you are bloody stupid guy!

    Cool man… rilex.. lets police do the investigation. And finally, I wish a deepest condolence to teo beng hock family.. May God bless you.

    Yap, PJ

  7. No one with any semblance of intelligence will believe that Teo could possibly commit suicide at the MACC headquarters. It’s even more bizarre that he would tear his pants before he did so. Not a very glamorous way to die, is it?

    The face of evidence is overwhelming. And that is what the MACC has been unable to hide. They have not allowed the family lawyer to be present at the identification. That certainly sounds suspicious.

    It’s pretty obvious.

    This was a political aide who had nothing to hide.

    Not an ex-MB with a Balinese-style house worth RM24 million.

    Not a Prime Minister in-waiting who had affairs with a Mongolian model cum translator.

    Not your average Barisan Nasional crook with a hundred corruptions to his name.

    But the MACC was out for some dirt on him at all costs. Unfortunately they went too far, and now the young man is dead.

    His blood is on their hands. May their souls know no peace.

  8. well, for me, if i want to kill people, for sure i would not leave the body in my house (after all people know that i invite him to come). and i belived nobody that stupid to do that

    • That’s not a valid point. If nobody can do anything about someone I killed, I can kill anyone I like. The point is ‘nobody can do anything about it’. They know nobody has proofs / witnesses. That’s why they aren’t scared.

  9. Fell from 14th floor! Look at the picture. not much of blood at the floor. skull relatively intact. no contents spilled all over the place. fractured and twisted limbs but no blood stained. interesting.

  10. It is easy to speculate, but Teoh Beng Hock death is shocking. Realistically I do not believe anybody connected to MACC will be foolish enough to kill Teo on their ground.
    But still Teo is under their responsibility . Their failure to ensure teo reach home safely make them responsible. Regardless of whatever actual happen.
    Having a person died after their interrogation is highly suspicious. Somebody must be held responsible. Somebody must pay. Do not let them get away this time

  11. good riddance

    he is a well know womeniser and a corupt guy in seri kembangan. everybody knows he is the right hand mad to a famous TRIAD member. u remember the cristal gem triad gang case in SK a few months back. the one with the people jailed in shop houses

    he got a hand in that just so you know

    ask any dap member in SK and they will tell you what a bastard this guy is

    i dunno why people blaming BN for this. I am a DAP member in SK and i must say his death is welcomed by all. he is a SMUDGE in DAP. too bad he wasnt brave enough to expose his taiko.

    may u rot in hell

    • You sick son of the bitch, how can you just said those mean things? You must be with those sick son of the bitch… the MACC, the police and BN

    • Wow..for you to harbor such hate towards a person whom you don’t even know, you must be leading a sad sad sad life, or else you might be one of the people who thinks the world owe them a living. You talked about so-called facts, yet you are afraid to reveal your name. Why? His ghost is not going to haunt you, unless you’ve done him some serious wrong, or else you are afraid of repercussions and recrimination from the rest of the sane and reasonable people. Unless you have solid facts, let me share with you some piece of advice. Grow the fuck up and have a heart. You are afforded luck which has been criminally robbed from Teo Beng Hock.

  12. Probably the death wasnt meditated, them macc pricks was making it all up as they went along and some braindead musclehead fucked up real good and zippity doo daa!! guy keeled over and died.

  13. 1st of All – Condolence to Teo Beng Hock’s family and to his fiance for his
    untimely death.
    While out there there are calls for calm, asking the public to be patient
    waiting for the outcome of the investigation. But will there be any cover up? Investigation takes time and the results have to filter by many of the
    authorities before being release, and the mass are waiting, justice needs
    to be served. Generally the Chinese media and The Star readers won’t
    accept police findings readily, unless they are stauch BN supporters and
    UMNO members. MACC should be held responsible for Beng Hock’s death as one look at all angles; the poor young chap was in MACC’s custody,
    even he’s there to assist investigation and was not a suspect. BH was there for more than 10 over hrs under tremendous and unbearable
    pressure and mental torments, MACC couldn’t possibly washing off
    their hands so blatantly or easily. However their head, this Ahmad
    Said was quick to claim that MACC was not responsible as BH was not in
    their hands at the time of death. What time he was talking about?
    We know well the police are still investigating the exact time of BH’s death.(Sin Chew Daily 19th July ’09 Sunday refers). Does that mean Ahmad Said
    knows the exact time of BH’s death?
    And here at this web, we have someone known as Yap screwing one Kindaichi, asking him who he is, UMNO, DAP or MCA or Japanese? Just
    because Kindaichi mentioned Khir Toyol’s name. This obvious Khir Toyol supporter after shooting down poor Kindaichi, calling him ‘stupid’ began
    to sober up, asking the later to be cool and to relax….funny people we
    have here. I’m doubtful why he used the name ‘Yap’, maybe he’s not
    a Chinese at all. Another supporter of MACC rejoiced at BH’s death,
    naming his ownself TBH’s ghost; besides tarnishing the deceased BH’s name, this chap urged the deceased to rot in hell.
    We have quite a number of living ghosts around us alright.

  14. Deepest condolence to Teoh’s family , Hope hsi fiance take good care of herself and her future baby . Take care .

  15. To Yap PJ for calling people who called Khir Toyo “Khir Toyol”stupid.
    Ammassing millions of ringgit , Toyol Palace & disney tour scandal without raising suspicioun from MACC prove he is indeed slick as a TOYOL!

  16. Hello Teoh Beng Hock Ghost,

    My name is Najib’s Shadow. I support Najib 100% and terminate and eliminate those who obstructs my path for power and success for BN. Suckers such as those imbecile kampong brought-up citizens with little education believe me wholeheartedly. So easy to manipulate you know.

    Who else will believe that a young bright man of 30 years of age will commit suicide at the MACC building. Mind you, MACC building is a government building. Normally, do people commit suicide at a government building? Pants ripped off and pregnant fiancee waiting for Teoh Beng Hock to be married the next day. Never mind la, stupid ppl believe whatever Najib say.

    Since I control the media, the police force, and MACC, and suckers like you, Teoh Beng Hock’s death will be just another passing death as in remember err what’s her name already?.. the Mongolian woman and Kugan.

    Jut use a few old tactics and repeatedly use words such as “politicking” and “racist” in the media. By the way, what is the exact definition of “politicking”? Pray tell me.

    After I have killed someone, I just make amends by having people down there to offer condolescences to the family members and the unborn child. Life is easy lah. I can get away with bombing a human, who and what do you think will be able to stop me? Who is stronger than me in Malaysia? Money buys everything!

    Continue to support me, man! Malaysia Boleh! By the way, in order to support Najib better, take more fish oil. It will improve your IQ tremendously!

    I certainly look forward to more feedback from you as to how can we make Malaysia a better living place amidst daily house break-ins, robberies, incest cases and rape cases.

    Yours sincerely,
    Najib’s Shadow

  17. To Yap PJ , Stop calling people stupid.Khir TOYOL is the right name.
    Someone who can amassed millions of fortune, having a Toyol Mansion, spending public money to Disney Vacation without raising suspicion from MACC is indeed slick, like a Toyol!

  18. Davy Crockett I applaud you for Mr.Yap is not of Chinese origin and a bloody impostor. I suggest we name him TOYOL YAP……

    • Yes, antares is right. get involved in civil society movements. politicians from both sides of the divide have let us down again and again. it is up to us the people, to make sure our voices are heard and you do that by coming out in numbers, listening to issues raised in public talks, educating yourself on the issue, keeping up on current issues and be vocal about things.Keep asking questions. Otherwise we’ll be signing our sights and eventually, this country away.

  19. Dear all. I worked in Middle East with Malaysian firm for two years already. Just want to share some information for us to think about. Here, we (Chinese, Malay, Indian, even one staff is Kadazan) living in such harmony and happiness. My freind, Mr. Rahman always cooking nasi lemak, and me also Mr. Nathan eat together. Sometimes, I cooked also. Rahman and Nathan also eat without any negative thought or currious on the food. But in actuall Malaysia, the environment is not same as per here. Chinese, Malay, Indian keep arguing each others. HINDRAF, DAP, even UMNO themselve make a useless effort to stablize the environment in Malaysia. Many issues raised out just to get the political inffluences from people. Espeacially for the next general election.

    My suggestion, please stop all of this, and be a Malaysian, truly Malaysian. I mean, please be the Malaysian in such how the most of the Arab people are think about. They told me that, Malaysian is very unique on how the multiracial people can live together. I am proud of that, really.. My freind Rahman and Nathan also feel the same thing.

    On Teoh issue, lets wait and see. It still under investigations. Hopefully there will be no more 13 May disaster in Malaysia history. All Malaysian, please became together as 1 Malaysia. We all Malaysian here in Middle East are looking to hear for the results of the investigations.


    • I like what you said (:

      I mean, talking about practicality, it might seem blurry but that’s what i hold dear in my heart too (:

      take care o’er there in Arab.

      Perhaps the one cause for harmony is when there’s no conflict of interest involved.

  20. Can someone with high position voice out something to our government ???? We ordinary citizen are helpless .

  21. Hi guys… I found some funny fact here:-

    DAP = Demand A Popularity

    Hehe… I think it’s true! You can see how Ronnie Liu’s action at the MACC building last recent days, haha… just make people of Malaysia lough on that. Selangor state exco? I dont think so. Seems only a schoolboy who involve in Gangsterism. And how can Selangor state exco has been instructed by the security to leave? For sure he has no more power at state la… hehe

  22. Now, with my full command and power, I’m order all the Communist member (include all the chatters who blamed MACC for this case and some of the member of political party…think yourself la) to keep silence until the investigation is completed!

    Understand? James bond, you’re really2 funny la… haha, makes people laough..haha

  23. lough, laough don’t laugh because we are all Malaysian and we are a unique bunch……..Peace out Malaysian we can live together as one. I am a foreign Malaysian…Kudos to 1 Malaysia

  24. Anwar Ibrahim = Pembelot!

    Kami bangsa Melayu doakan anda berubah dan insaf dari perbuatan anda ini. Sesungguhnya andalah yang telah menyebabkan huru – hara di bumi Malaysia ini. Jangan mengapi-apikan bangsa Melayu dengan bangsa Cina atau India. Kami ingin hidup aman dan sejahtera bersama-sama mereka. Ketepikan segala prasangka dan tohmahan yang telah anda lakukan. Melayu + Cina + India mampu bersatu, hidup sebagai entiti tersendiri dengan semangat 1Malaysia. Anak cucu cicit kita suatu hari nanti pasti bangga jika bangsa Malaysia dapat hidup bersatu. Ayuh Melayu, Cina, dan India, bersatu kita teguh, bercerai kita roboh.

    Terima kasih, Xie-xie, Nandri. We love you all Malaysian!

    • If all the citizens of Malaysia, be like Malay, Chinese or Indian, were to be like you, there won’t be any commotion and hatred we are experiencing in Malaysia today. Thank you and I hope that the Malaysian Government can see the plight of its people and be fair and just to all races in Malaysia. I am sure we all can co-exist with one another and a better place to live in.

  25. I admit that I am Communist… I want to go back to China, please Malaysia, release my citizenship.. Now, Hu Jintao is my new leader.. Reason?Here I can’t do bussiness, and I have no more support..and most important thing is, soon I will go to jail for bribe and cheating. In China, I can do Ah Long bussiness, and also girl bussiness..the girls is more beauty than Malaysian…ohhhh God…ohhh no…

    All DAP member, lets join me, go back to China!

    • No way! I will never leave my Ah Long bussiness here! Unless you give me 50% of the the bribe money you get from the Selangor’s state project, then I will follow you.

      Yuppp… you’re correct! All DAP member should go back to China, but the same case, money first, move later…

      But, are we going to success in China? Seems like quite difficult. Nevermind, we create a riot again, and if possible, we kill people then blaming Hu Jintao for that..hahaha.. good idea..

  26. tbh dead = loss for bn as they now lost a key element in kicking dap down. better luck next time.

    tbh dead = hmmmm, *ppl connected to the scandal* – gains 1 up as no more ppl to *help* prosecute them.

    MACC = practically fucked up as they have failed to see that beng hock was the key figure in getting to those commie bastards. macc also got bended over and fucked like a bitch because the bastard was sent to sleep with the fishes at their front yard. guilty until proven innocent. (dap way lah kan… obvious… kalau kena kat orang kelin or melayu, of course innocent until proven guilty……..) always like that, chink dude got wasted – government bunuh, polis kejam…. malay or indians die… malay – mesti mati eksiden merempit……. indian – mesti bunuh diri…. wakakakaka……..
    but then again, whose the triad wankers now? yeah you chinks.

    ive known more killings by the *numbered* people than those of the GOVs.

    *unknown* = either directly threwn beng hock off shah alam mall, or indirectly *hexed* the poor bastard to jump off…..


    sounds like conspiracy theory…..

    consider this… what if the death was staged? you know, one of those witness protection program…. they do wonders with plastic surgery now, they might have changed his face like in FACE OFF, you know, the one with travolta and cage….

    maybe they are hiding benghock on some mediteranian island…. with a fat cashiers cheque…… or better still a swiss bank account…

    why? who would gain?

    2 scenarios

    1 – if the conspirators are from dap – they can keep selangor as the proof and the person who came up with the *alledged* records of (illegal)transaction is now *no more*

    2 – if it was staged by bn – they keep beng hock, and will use him when its really nescesary. (to fuck dap down the road)

    but as of now i got the feeling that, why must DAP give money to beng hock and hide him? its easier to find any of those wannabe chick triad members and off beng hock once and for all. you know, chinese style? (no offence to normal-non-triad-linked-yellow-monkeys-who actually-work-for-an-honest-living)

    after using the power of reason, logical deduction and some common sense that i found under my bed, i cant help but to make a conclusion that dap gains more with the demise of TBH.

    besides, if they (BN) can c4 someone, why cant they just feed the body of TBH to piranhas or shit like that, than let it rot in section 9? they have wisen up…. and to leave a chink dead at a public place is dumb even too dumb for the BN dumbsters. so only logical explanation – this was the handjob (hahahaha) of those illiterate, parang wielding, vcd selling, loansharking individuals. im not pointing fingers, you do the math…

    if i was the cops, i would go and interrogate every single human that lives in sri mahligai, and jalan raja abdullah 1. they have the vantage point.

    and if i was bn i would pay dicks who lives in the aforementioned locaions to give false statements that it was actually king kong who dropped the yellow-piece-of-waste-of-meat.

    or did anwar ibrahim got there first… you know, he used to have a mini headquarters just behind the secret recipe……

    anwar ibrahim… uggghhhhh. dont get me started on this prick.


    • You are one sick @!%&MF%$!@* no use to the civilized world. You rot in hell that’s all I can say about you….. please keep your comment to yourself.

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