The day our MPs voted to screw the public

As you must have heard, the poorly conceived DNA Identification Bill was passed yesterday, by the majority of ONE vote.

Read here and here for more sordid details. Even if my government had not betrayed me and millions like me before this (and they had, big time), this alone will be a reason never ever to vote BN again.

I attended a talk last year about the bill while it was still in committee stage and my fears were proven as Puchong MP Gobind Singh Deo explained the key contentious points of the bill.

“We need act to govern these matters, but certainly not in this form” I recalled him saying this, or something to this effect. I blogged about it then too and covered certain points. Read more here.

To all those Malaysians who voted in each Member of Parliament that supported this bill, I have this to say, “You morons deserve the government you get.”

All those MPs who voted it in, they of course voted party line, regardless of the long term consequences they are inflicting on the unsuspecting public. I sincerely hope some, if not all of these pricks, will be at the receiving end of this hastily-conceived, ill-thought law.

The one consolation is that they removed a clause that stipulated that only a police officer can head the DNA Databank. Now, it is a member of the civilian public.

At a time when the public estimation of the Malaysian Police is at an all time low, this clause would have been like giving loaded gun to a certified violent basket case. Yet that too may have been put in if not for the public outcry.

But don’t cheer just yet. This DNA Identification Bil, which is now on the way to the “stamping board” Dewan Negara has many more clauses that empowers Polis Raja Di Malaysia to royally screw you, if it chooses to.

Meanwhile, I want to know if any of our MPs can give me the names of those 48 MPs who voted in the bill. I would like to put up the names of these paragons on my blog, for posterity’s sake and also to celebrate their genius.

Well Done, Barisan MPs. You’ve just proven beyond a doubt that you guys don’t give a damn about anything but your own ends.

And to the Pakatan Rakyat posse, I’d like to ask this question. Only 47 of you were present to vote against the bill. You guys could have defeated it? As far as I know, only Nizar and Gobind Singh were suspended. Where were the rest of you? Last I checked, there was 82.

Pakatan Rakyat MPs let us down as well today. It irks, because this is a fight you could have won for us, the public. If I was an MP and I knew this bill was going to be voted on, I would turn up even if I had hernia.

Where the f**k were the rest of the Pakatan Rakyat MPs? Civil society would like know. Permatang Pauh, this bill, once it turns into act, will be used against the likes of you. How many of your party members were there to help to defeat it?

I repeat, if any of you readers could, please tell me the people who voted for and against this bill in Parliament yesterday.

I’m collecting a bucket of spit for the absentees and the Yays.


11 thoughts on “The day our MPs voted to screw the public

  1. This is a sad day and it shows how great the PR government is … they are all useless idiots. A chance came to show that not having 2/3 majority means and this is how it ends up.

    This was an opportunity to defeat something that was said to be used as an instrument to screw over their so called beloved leader. That beloved leader deserves to be set up if that bill will set him up. He could have ensured that the Opposition MPs teach the BN guys a lesson … but who cares? He is too busy playing Tok Dalang. He deserves to be convicted based on the new Act!

    Vote for PR and they are all act like clowns? Incompetent idiots!

  2. For all the hoohah that Pakatan is raising, they have not recognised the serious detrimental impact of the Bill to the country or to their defacto leader. The absenteeism is not excusable considering the gravity of the matter. If DSAI is indeed invited, courtesy of the government, for another stint of solidarity holiday, he only has his members to balme.

  3. Wayang party needs some elements to produce a drama that can fool the world.

    This bill has just added an ammunition to whoever has the advantage of using it.

    This shows us that voting is about responsibility to the public and the future generations.

  4. Well, the absenttees of PR MPs are to be spat on for not throwing their weight during the most crucial time of voting. They screwed themselves,
    now be prepared to face the musics, they have onlt themselves to blame,
    what happened to the other 33 MPs of PR ???

  5. I am pissed off too. May I take this opportunity to show the finger to the pakatan MPs who did not turn up. Who was the freaking whip?? Finally, as a reminder to the BN MPs and their lackeys: what goes around comes around. You abuse the law to your own political benefit, one day it will come back to haunt you. All in all, I agree we have been royally screwed by the overpaid priocks who cannot even turn up in Parliament. Right about now Anwar should feel butt-fu*#ed not only by the BN but also by the absent Pakatan Ms

  6. To all those MPs who voted in this DNA Identification Bill, may their children and their children’s progeny find themselves being sentenced in Bolehland’s courts simply because of guilt based on DNA evidence taken without their consent and under duress lest they be charged for not providing the samples.

  7. Disgusting and many are disappointed. Let alone the BN MPs but the more frustrating is the PR MPs for failing the rakyat.
    This is one despicable Bill that will make people to be subjected to abuse of power. The people have lost their freedom forever until this Bill is thrown out together with ISA. Where the hell are you PR MPs? The people mandated you to protect our interest and you are there not for free!!! damn it!!!

  8. I hate when George Orwell and Aldous Huxley have to be right about some of this stuff. I just think Politics needs to remember same as musicans and celebrities should. Actually everyone should, people make them, the American Constitution is nothing without the American public running the show no matter the social class and money. But when powe becomes so controlled by a small group of people like it is now. Most people do become afraid and the ones that do speak to those with power or money at such a high stature or with such an “infaluable repuation” no matter the business, person, politican, celebrity, and even lay people or normal people like me.

    We get so messed with from politics running at so many different levels, that it is easy for those, even when their in it only for money and are otherwise, egos and Ids aside, good people most of the time. They can become as corrupted as Henry the 8th, if not more so in other ways that he never did that could be consider just as evil or pathetic and pitful in others.

    Converstativism v. Liberalism is just the blister we see in all of this mess. But the small stuff begets the big, and I just think people, especially normal people should stand up for themsleves and that the rich should be as scared as normal people as they are in other countries, and celebrities should have less power than they do political and fiscally in the US to some extent, charity aside. I have read so much about how they use people, even in their personal lives it would make some people sick to know some of the things I have read, just by major companies and celebrities, especially in entertainment and politics misuse people.

    I can’t say of President Obama, yet, it is too early to tell. But culture in the US has to change and even the Christianity in the USA, needs to become a little more open to new ways of Christianity that combine parts of other religions, that aren’t necessarily breaking the commandments or losing God. But trying to understand God and the world in all three major religions, and even more changes in the west and in the Asian world to it.

    That are being beat up when they shouldn’t be. If their not trying to change the religion fully or contridict God, then these people should stay out of it. I just think people in the USA, above all should think and try to be smart about things and VOTE, VOTE, VOTE, and try to keep politicans accountable, no matter the money and power involved, just don’t do anything stupid or bad or that would hurt people when it shouldn’t, but that makes sense with the Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and what the people and Founding Fathers both wanted and still want for the US, and for the world.

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