Death Becomes You

Most societies view death as a painful thing. It’s crass to talk about it. Being reminded of one’s own mortality is not pleasant for many of us, I guess.

Death is harder on the living. The pain of parting is bad enough when both parties are still alive. Imagine a permanent one. I know, I’ve lost a few.

The guy who is dead, well, he’s gone and you won’t know what’s going on with him. I mean he could be sipping a Tequila Sunrise while lounging on an oh-so-comfortable deck chair in a place where getting a tan doesn’t come with carcinoma. It could be happy hour every night.

So, as someone who has made someone laugh almost every other day, I’d like to tell you this, death is not to be feared. It should be celebrated. Try watching Death at the Funeral. Helps.

Face it, death is the great equaliser. If there’s anyone I do have sympathies for it would be this guy. He’s been working like, forever. Grim prospects!


stole the pic from here

It couldn’t have been easy for Grim Reapers of the world. The job must suck. And they have  to face all sorts of hazards.


Then he has deal with smart mouths like Winston Churchill who said,

I am ready to meet my Maker. Whether my Maker is prepared for the great ordeal of meeting me is another matter.

Keh keh keh!

Some grim reapers are not up to the job, you can tell.

johan_reaperpic source

And of course you must have heard that pun about how the undertaker always has a grave appearance. Keh keh keh!

See, death is funny business. People die in all kinds of places, in all kinds positions (sometimes awkward, like Michael Hutchence of INXS), of all kinds of causes (war, drugs, disease, natural disaster, murder, accidents and natural causes). But they die. Just like you and I will, someday.

With such inevitability, it’s kinda hard to be too serious about it.

So live life to the fullest, go out in style and if you still have to take up space on this earth AFTER you die, leave something for people to remember you with a chuckle. Be

Some hints.




You see, I love visiting cemeteries. And I adore the idea of someone giggling among the tombs. When my time comes for the appointment with the Reaper, I’ll insist he tells me a good joke first.


You should insist on it too.


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