Lethargy, Confusion…

..and a general inability to make sense of things.

I wanted to blog about certain issues. But something is stopping me. Inertia maybe. In some cases, the absence of real facts to rely on.

I read yesterday that the body’s metabolism, growth, tissue function even the moods, is all governed by an endocrine gland the size of a pea.

Duh! Something so small, does so much. I am humbled and awed and somewhat reduced in ego-size as the realisation dawned.

Started reading more and discovered some medical symptoms I might have. Alarm grew deafeningly loud,  only to be abruptly silenced by a friend who warned that I sounded like a hypochondriac.

Duh! number 2. I must stop thinking too many things at once. Might blow a fuse upstairs.

But have I already? Blown a fuse I mean.

You know the expression, “I’d like to get inside his head”? Well, I would like to get inside my own head, but is that possible?

I mean, I’m thinking so, my mind is mine. Getting inside my own head to have a look-see would mean my mind is a separate individual from the physical brain that is firing off those signals that my mind uses to analyse.

You get what I’m thinking? No?

I am doomed….aaargh!


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