The Yellow Folks Spread the Love

“I will follow you…” Yeah, this time I will definitely follow you.

DiGi, the yellow telco, is doing a lot of things right in the recent years and I wouldn’t be surprised if it isn’t already giving the Red and the Blue a run for their market share.

Tai Kor blogger Jeff Ooi recently announced he’s going DiGi broadband, cos surprise surprise!, it works better.

Wish him well. But my interest is piqued by this CSR effort by Digi.

Apparently they have a list of charity on the site and each time you click on a chosen charity, DiGi pays RM5 into their respective kitty.

I wish the National Zoological Society was in the list, since Zoo Negara is in dire need of help, but it wasn’t. The Malacca Zoo and its residents seem to be better taken care of.

Maybe DiGi could do something about this eh? I used to visit Zoo Negara often, and I’m rather sad and the somewhat dilapidated look. Not many things to be cheerful about in the zoo, except maybe the scarlet Ibis, and some of the big water birds.

The panther is fat, the binturong and the puma is always hiding under some tree branch. Poor tigers look thin. That was last year. But I digress.

What is important is, DiGi is trying to raise RM150,000 in 30 days and all you have to do is just click on your preferred charity and they will pay.Not much there, but hey, its better than nothing.

And you can even view how much each charity is receiving at the Love Bank.

Go! Make a difference. At least this Monday will be a blessed one, for you, you and you. Yes, you reading this.

“….We can make it if we try…”


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