Let’s Unreason Things Out

No…you did not read that headline wrong.

Welcome to Unreason. I found this link while surfing along Netburbia looking for TED.

You know, we Malaysians are a bloody opinionated bunch, especially in recent times. A lot of bloggers, including yours truly here, has been a fairly consistent part of the bitching brigade, if not leading the way.

Now, there are lots of things that are not quite right in this country or indeed, this world today.

So why don’t we Netizens bash our collective heads together in search of some practical solutions to the woes we face today?

Like how to ensure our roads don’t get dug up every few weeks by some telco, or the Utilities people.

Visit Unreason and share your ideas.

You may not save the world, buthey, maybe you could figure a way to make the house cool without air-conditioning, y’know?

Unreason is an idea exchange and also a seeding ground, the way I see it. Go! Think outside, inside (if it helps) on top, underneath, hell, blow the box to kingdom come, if it gives you ideas that makes this earth a wee bit better than it is now.

Good Luck!


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