Microsoft reveals…Cibai!

Folks. I am not joking.

The software giant has apparently unveiled a new software programme called Microsoft CIBAI.

I suppose there are no Hokkien speaking fellas in Microsoft, or else they wud not have made this colossal boo boo.

In his defence, the research guy is apparently French. But the brickbats are already raining. Read them at Josh’s , Infopirate and izreloaded.

This is a humiliation that I don’t think Microsoft can live down for a while.

I still remember HSBC did an ad campaign called The Importance of Local Knowledge, not too many years ago.

You know, football means different things in UK, US and Australia.

In advertising, it is often our job come up with names for products. Hundreds of names, all rejected for various reasons. Still some unfortunate brand names have entered the marketplace.

Read some of them here and be prepared to cringe.


7 thoughts on “Microsoft reveals…Cibai!

  1. hehe…Microsoft may need to rope in a malay dude under their payroll. because you just never know, microsoft Pantat could well be in the drawings.

  2. Nguyen van Thieu, Prez of Vietnam in the 60’s, visited Bernama during an official trip to Malaysia.

    He was so impressed with the outfit he returned and set up a national news agency in his country. Until it’s meaning was pointed out to him by the Chinese ambassador, I heard it was called Thieunama.

    Any takers?

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