Don’t go groping in America…

Some words of advice for our newly appointed Ambassador to the USA.

1) Don’t go groping bargirls in DC. The least you will get a a black eye. The worst, you might be shot by the said bargirl’s boyfriend, who could be packing some serious ammo. The diplomatic embarrassment that would then ensue would be unimaginable.

It is not like Malaysia where you can grope some chick at a lounge and when she lodges a report, lean on her to retract the said report claiming she’s not thinking straight.

Anyway the Brickfields groping incident I wrote about a year ago may be forgotten already by our paragons  in the media, but not me. There were unanswered questions then, but one thing I got clear. In Malaysia we should call the cops Polis Raja Di Malaysia. They can do anything and everything with impunity.

2) Please don’t go calling people “low class” just because of their skin colour. That is just not on, especially now that you are part of the diplomatic corp. That too an ambassador of minister status.

Actually I wonder at this whole “appointments of people to high places” thingie. While I wouldn’t call Tun Dr M’s Petronas advisorship a sinecure (the man is still sharp as a tack), I do question the Malaysia Airlines advisorship of Tun Abdullah Badawi.

And also Leo Moggie’s chairmanship of Tenaga Nasional. Granted he was the Energy minister but then, what does this really mean? All ministers can count on a sinecure position once they are out of politics or the cabinet?

Oh, by the way, Tempe, and Ashraf Abdullah, since you guys are big on morality, on the question of Elizabeth Wong, let’s talk about this groping fella’s right to his ambassadorship.

What? It was not proven you say? Yeah…right.

This is 1Malaysia. Anything boleh.


3 thoughts on “Don’t go groping in America…

  1. …but that’s his habit. Old habits die hard. Never mind he can continue with his habits. After all it’s a free society. He could be considered lucky if he doesn’t get clubbed. Hope he’ll change if not I pray that he get clubbed by the girl herself.

  2. Eh Sis,

    Are we, as a Nation, THAT desperate to put JJ in as our ambassador? There must be hundreds, perhaps thousands more qualified, for sure. And probably less inclined to “auto roam”.

    Well, that’s patronage politics for you!

    Buat malu aje!

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