Where is Your Humanity, Malaysia?

Yeah. Where is your kindness and generosity? Will you allow this sort of atrocity continue to happen?


Veteran blogger TV Smith went on a recon mission off Pulau Ketam and discovered the darker side of the rustic seafood destination.

Read about the dogs abandoned on a deserted island on TV Smith’s Sightings.

It underscores the wanton disregard our society have for animals, coupled with an extreme case of NIMBY-ism.

We can put this right, if we want to. Together, we can help to ensure that those dogs live to see another day.

The heroes who are championing this cause will need your help. That means cash for boat charter, vet and stuff. For more information, please click here and if possible, let all your friends know.

Don’t let this kind of dog-genocide go on. It is absolute cruelty.


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