Earth Day

Today, people, is Earth Day. Take a moment to think what we can do to protect our only home


Happy Earth Day to you
Happy Earth Day to you
Happy Earth Day to Mother Earth
happy long life to you!


4 thoughts on “Earth Day

  1. Hi please allow me to digress a bit.
    Please write something on the report made by some NGOs at the sentul police station against MT commentators.
    Please notice the photos, then their slogans and finally their names from the star.
    Ha Ha Ha Seems like its the in thing to do to attract some attention to their wretched life and souls.
    I feel like making a police report against the NGO for misleading the people on their “bangsa” status. Real hardcore MAMAK trying to pass off as malays.
    Trying to hijack ah ?
    Allow this piece is at your discretion.

  2. Opps not the star but Mkini. A nice pic for all to see at Mkini.
    Hidup melayu is fair if said by malays but by 100% mamak How Ah this one ?

    Considering the times we are in, its up to your discretion to allow this post.

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