New Levels of Filthy Politicking

I’m a Malaysian blogger and with a headline the above, my Malaysian readers need not be rocket scientists to know what I’m talking about.

When Elizabeth Wong first resigned and went to ground, I had an inkling that the prospect of more dirt of this sort coming out is why she gave up in the first place.

That notion is unfortunately, true today. The Hilmi guy who was supposed to be “helping” police investigations is still missing.

Now the woman is being violated another time, with another criminal act that is very obviously politically motivated. Hey, I’m not the only one saying it.

Why are we standing by and watching this kinda crap happen again and again?

Latuk Loctor Rais Yatim, can your ministry help trace who was it who’s been circulating these pictures? I think it’s a better use of time than to intimidate bloggers, don’t you think?

To those who think Elizabeth Wong is morally unfit to govern because she has a lover, I think you should look at your backyard first, you know.


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