The End Is Near For BN

No no…I’m not one of those who thinks the Earth will cease to exist in 2012 as predicted by the Mayan Prophecy, that’s bringing to life all manner of doomsayers these days, including my colleague.

Rather, I think the General Elections 08 which has changed the political landscape of Malaysia, will finally be recognised in the years to come for what it is, the death knell for the coalition known as Barisan Nasional.


Why? Because it is the natural thing to happen. Robert Hooke, the 17th century English brainiac, introduced us to the thought that once the a solid being is stretched beyond its proportional limit, it will not return toits previous state.

Now think of that being as the Malaysian people’s patience, and the stretching action as the excesses committed by the government at helm. You get it? Good.

I think this truth is dawning in a big way, because it is leading to the “affected” parties behaving rather predictably.

I mean, when the doctor tells you that you are suffering from end stage cancer or something and you have X weeks or months left, what would be your reaction? You go through what Elizabeth Kubler-Ross defined as the 5 stages of dying.


Methinks that since last year, the BN politicians have experienced the different stages. Some of course still have not moved beyond denial. Look at Samy Vellu, for instance.

Others are reacting with the predictable emotion of anger. Retribution, plans to quell what they can’t see as inevitable, is underfoot.

Remember the newly annointed Defence Minister Zahid Hamidi’s 300 Plan? Yeah, this is King Leonidas who wants to have 300 Spartans (read: Askar Wataniah or Territorial Army) in every parliamentary constituency.


Is there any one of you out there who heard the news who wasn’t disturbed by it? Hey, I’m all for the state of readiness thingie, you know. Simply cos, compared to the Thais and the Singaporeans, our RAMD fellas doesn’t have much work to do, it seems.

Oh, sorry Major D and Jedi. Not my intention to offend the boys in green. You guys are free to correct me and give expert opinion. I’ll humbly stand corrected.

It is just my fear that the reserve army planned by Zahid would be used against the very people it was meant to protect. I’m not exactly ignorant about coup d’etat. They happen all the time.

Insecurity could bring about bloody reactions from the threatened, I’m sure we all know.

As it is, I can’t pass a single cop these days without thinking he might be a Kugan killer. I think of the female cops as  girlfriends of UTK killing robots. No solace at all.


So, despite these promises of One Malaysia (whatever that means), People First and all those crap slogans, I do not feel assured.

I’m not a Pakatan-head. To be honest, I don’t even trust Anwar Ibrahim. The Fairus episode in Penang is another example that shows PKR up as the weak link in the Pakatan Rakyat chain.

But between Pakatan Rakyat and Barisan Nasional, I’d take PR anytime. Cos there is no sign of change from BN at all.

And I think the thinkers in BN know that too. The part about election fatigue and the bitching about too many by-elections happening these days is just because BN knows it will lose anyway, so it is throwing money down the drain for them.

Plus, their electioneering song about “you vote me, I bring development to you and your area” and stuff sounds like Billy Ray Cyrus playing that infernal tune Achy Breaky Heart over and over again. So bad it could make you keel over, puking.

At least, in UMNO, it is far more direct. “You vote me, I’ll pay you.” It brings results. Just ask any division leader. But that is also their downfall you see.

In this communications age, nothing is secret or sacred. Anyone remotely Internet savvy fancies himself/or herself a political pundit (including yours truly), and he has a lot to say about the state of things in his country.

He hates what’s going on, he states it baldly and he tells his friends about it, to boot.

You can call that empowerment, thank you.

So I guess we are moving inexorably towards 2012/13, where we could see the end of the BN era as we know. The Dacing might morph, hell, it must in order to survive, and make a comeback.

But for now, it’s terminal.


One thought on “The End Is Near For BN

  1. Yeh ! I agree with what you posted.
    I was reminded by your latest post about the matter of the MILLIONS collected for the sri lanka tsunami relief fund by MIC headed by samy olu and
    on an enquiry by someone about it, samy velu said that the donations collected for the tsunami victims are to be used for “welfare projects”.
    Wonder whose “welfare” he is talking about.
    Isnt it unethical to redirect funds collected for a purpose to be diverted to some “welfare” fund?.

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