You want good governance in Malaysia?

Be prepared to do your part then.

I have an idea. As usual, this idea came about during a teh tarik session with friends.

I was thinking, why, politics in Malaysia is equal to your bathtub after one month of leaving it unclean. Full of scum.

Politics everywhere in the world is like that. But here in Malaysia, it has become a culture that it tolerated. That’s what’s irking me.

I’m an average Malaysian. All I want from my government is fair policies, good governance and a collective desire to make this country one in which every citizen enjoys a reasonable, safe living conditions.

Is this too much to ask? No, it isn’t.

If our leaders these days are such losers, we have only ourselves to blame. We dismiss Malaysian politicians as corrupt scumbags and we revile them, and we wash our hands of it all in the process. Some of us are in our 30s and 40s and still haven’t voted once!

Shame on you!

If you want something done well, do your freaking part.

Here’s the problem, as Muaz Omar wrote in The Malaysian Insider last week. Pakatan Rakyat has a dearth of talent. Actually, there are tons of people who have the capability to become leaders of tomorrow. It is the sorry state of politics here that is keeping them away.

Now, why don’t you, dear reader, start looking for possible candidates to be groomed as future leaders.

Here’s a rudimentary criteria. The candidate for public office must be:

1) Financially solvent

2) Doesn’t have a criminal background, even by association.

3) Has some education, street smarts and intelligence.

4) Must show desire to serve. Doesn’t mind getting hands dirty to do work for the people.

5) Has qualities of honesty, know, that sort of stuff.

6) An effective communicator.

7) One who has respect for the diversity of cultures and religions in Malaysia, even if he or she is an atheist.

I’m sure you have some names among you who fit the criteria. Maybe you can talk them into it.

Now why am I being so kay poh about something like this? Because I care about the future of this country. Because I am sick of being cheated by leaders in whom we put our trust to govern. Because I’m sick of this country being run by robbers, morons and scumbags.

Now why am I counting myself out? Because I don’t meet all the criteria listed above.

But who knows, you might.

Calling DAP, PAS and PKR leaders! Aren’t you interested in having candidates like these to represent your parties?

Now let’s work together and find these paragons. An honest politician need not be an oxymoron!


2 thoughts on “You want good governance in Malaysia?

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