Yay! Referendum it is


I salute the folks of Bukit Gantang and Bukit Selambau.

Special mention goes to the Chinese voters of Bukit Gantang who backed Nizar Jamalludin all the way. And also the folks of Bukit Selambau who chose a nobody Indian candidate from PKR who initially was rejected by even Hindraf, over BN’s heavyweight.

Barisan retained Batang Ai, a rural seat where the Ibans believed in them. There were rumours of rigging but what can we say without proof.

The better news is that the two Bukit wins demonstrated that people of Malaysia can vote outside their comfort zone.

The people can send a message, and they did the only way they could, through the ballot box.

I mean, what other means is there to effect change in this country.

The dominant party in the ruling coalition could do it. But the last Umno general assembly demonstrated infighting, rampant graft and vote buying as well as loud dismissal of the prosecution against the perpetrators. Umno delegates wanted their sinecure, corrupt though it was.

So what’s left but to look elsewhere?

The component parties in BN are emasculated by Umno and all but wiped out in the last GE08.

BN still plays the same lagu of dangling carrots, playing lip service to unity, and divisive communal campaigning.

But the mood is such on the ground that even if they didn’t, they will still be rejected.

Fifty years of collective bile from a mostly disgusted Malaysians is pouring forth. Too bad for whoever’s on the receiving end.

Samy Vellu, get the hell out of politics, while you still can. Come on man, what a hide you must have to persist in this manner, when it is obvious that nobody likes you.

Dr M, superstar or not, remember that your era is over. The people might give respect to your age, and elder statesman status but your rhetoric does not resonate with the majority.

Umno has had too many excesses to reverse the jaundiced public opinion on it. And still tak sedar diri. All the talk of reform has obviously not resonated with the crowd.

Consequently, they behaved predictably.


One thought on “Yay! Referendum it is

  1. referendum my ass!! 2 me its not a referendum when majority malay voted for barisan. asshole. if nizar derhaka won by 10000 margin then its a referendum. idiot. a mere 2000 votes by chinese fisherman doesn’t warrant a refendum. jackass. stop dreaming…

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