Enough Already, Tun!

Not very nice of Tun Dr Mahathir to continue to criticise his successor. Especially since PM Abdullah Badawi will be gone by tomorrow.

It’s like flogging a dead horse. And to do it in the foreign media somewhat tarnishes his elder-statesman stature even more.


When Tun criticised Abdullah throughout his administration, many things he said made a lot of sense. Yes, Abdullah was not the leader he was, Abdullah was weaker, and there were lots of unexplained hanky panky going on.

There was Khairy, ECM Libra, Scomi, Kamaluddin, the Hindu God and Muslim Priest, the fourth floor boys; etc. Lots of hateful inferences.

That, and the massive loss of votes for BN last year, led to the coup in UMNO that results in Abdullah stepping aside for his deputy, Najib Razak. But was Najib really the right guy to lead Malaysia.

Any Malaysian who comes online is aware of the various allegations against him, his wife, his links to Razak Baginda, UTK and such other sundry items as the erasing of entry records of certain Mongolian tourists,

In the absence of an impartial body to investigate these allegations, Najib’s protestations of innocence ring hollow. It is then to be assumed that those who support him to be the president of Umno and Prime Minister, do so for the reason of mutual survival and political expediency.

But wasn’t Najib himself a Tun Dr Mahathir-endorsed candidate? Wasn’t Abdullah himself his appointed successor? And if Abdullah was a strong, capable guy, would he have survived under Mahathir administration?

The two times Tun had deputies who were not lembik (Musa Hitam and Anwar Ibrahim, they clashed with him, crashed and burned. Musa went into political wilderness, Anwar ended up in jail with a black eye. I still remember today that the whole sodomy shit is still circumstantial.

I’m just another member of the Malaysian public who’s lived most of my formative years under the Mahathir administration. There were times I was proud of having such a leader. Especially when he said “balls” to the likes of IMF.

It is unfair, Tun, to say everything went wrong the moment Abdullah took over. The conditions for the decline was created before that, by YOU.

Well, it is not as if Pak Lah is a saint, we all very well know that ain’t the case. But then which one among you politicians can declare yourself to be above reproach?

The culture of rape and pillage, intimidation and patronage in Umno became very very entrenched in the past 25 years. Hear me? It’s a culture! Your Umno grassroots WANT the money and openly admit it.

What did Musa Sheikh Fadzir say? That is Mr Bow Tie Kadir Sheikh Fadzir’s brother, mind you. Here it is, and I quote,

“Those days, an application for a taxi permit would require the endorsement of an Umno branch or division chief. If the branches and divisions are strong, then Umno will be strong again,” said Bukit Mertajam party chief Datuk Musa Sheikh Fadzir.

He also said the party made a mistake in trying to curtail money politics as it showed that Umno leaders are not grateful to the members who have sacrificed for the party.

“Without money, how can the delegates come to Kuala Lumpur to attend the assembly? Please look at the place they are staying, some of them are sharing a room with seven or eight people,” said Musa. – Malaysian Insider

Maybe Tun, you did not need money politics to get you and your likes into power. Your sheer force of personality is not something most people want to rise  against.

But how could Mat Tyson, Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor, Zahid Hamidi, Ali Rustam, Khir Toyo and their ilk, survive in Umno if you didn’t close one eye. How come the likes of Shahrir Samad and Rais Yatim can’t even make it to the Supreme Council.

Do you blame Abdullah for that?

I have nothing against Mukhriz, and I thought he was the cleanest of the three running for Pemuda Umno captaincy, but I think he paid the price of this culture.

Khir Toyo and his Balkis excesses, was apparently backed by Najib, who was five years ago, endorsed by you as a DPM. Ultimately the very guy you hated, made it.

Sad isn’t it Tun?

If we were to expect BN to continue ruling the country, then that also means we are opening ourselves to escalating corruption.

Not that it doesn’t happen in Pakatan Rakyat government. But the relative age of these jokers in power makes the magnitude of their crimes smaller than the mega-money politics (and Umno euphemism for blatant corruption).

So, Fairus of Penang, the Katak twins of PKR who jumped ship to save their asses and anybody from the other side are still bearable. Their growth can be pruned. Prosecute them, I say.

Damn, if Anwar has done the same, he too must be prosecuted.

But then who is gonna do the prosecuting? The Patail Brothers? Who’s gonna keep law and order? Our esteemed UTK, or Puchong’s finest? Who’s gonna preside on the cases? Our Kangaroo judiciary?

Who gets to pay for crimes in this country depends on who is on the political throne.

And tell me, who helped to make sure of that, since Operasi Lalang, and the emasculation of the Malaysian judiciary 20 years ago?

Umno and BN has been steadily digging its own grave at the expense of the taxpayers, for many years. Last year, Malaysians woke up last year and said enough is enough!

Now can you just blame Abdullah for it? I don’t think so.


4 thoughts on “Enough Already, Tun!

  1. I have nothing against Mukhriz, and I thought he was the cleanest of the three running for Pemuda Umno captaincy…

    There are two major issues I have with Mukhriz:

    1) He hasn’t a single original thought in his head. Only ever spouts Umno rhetoric.

    2) He carries his father’s name. This country has barely survived one Mahathir. TWO would be the death of us!

  2. I’m with AR… I was SOOOO disappointed that Mukhriz didn’t make Youth Chief. He’s the lesser of the evils, no doubt… but perhaps with a lesser war chest as well.

    Anrates has a point too. The guy seems to lag behind K-Y (Jelly?) in the ‘brains’ department. Maybe it’s just a perception, he must be pretty smart because of the gene thingy though…

    • mat salo, I dunno how much this smart gene thing works. I don’t see Bush senior as an idiot, yet look at his son, W.
      mukhriz’s war chest could have easily been replenished by his backers, if he wanted to go that way.

      So I think this fight for Umno youth leadership was a test run for him. Now at least he can claim that moral higher ground.
      Somehow though, I still think the Ali Rustam backlash hit him too.

      Antares, when we cultivate the habit of “I don’t like your face, i won’t listen to anything u say or support anything u espouse”, we are only limiting ourselves. I am myself in danger of falling into that trap on a daily basis.

      Remember something, I would love to see the end of UMNO rule in Malaysia simply because of their excesses, and the way they cultivated slave psychosis in their fellow Malays.
      But do not forget that the likes of Anwar and Khalid Ibrahim and Hadi Awang also have a past that can be disquieting.

      Let’s think in a balanced way.

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