We are Indians…we must bring drama

Yeah, must be the spice collossus that rules the Malaysian Indians’ diet.

So there are a significant number of Indians at Bukit Selambau, so they have to turn up in droves, not to vote, not yet. But to turn up as candidates.

The number of candidates contesting at Bukit Selambau  is at  an unprecedented 15.  By any standards extraordinary. In the run up to the polls on April 7, we Malaysians can expect all kinds of drama on the campaign trail.

I don’t see what is wrong with both K.Manikumar (PKR’s choice) and S.Ganesan from MIC. Both seem to be ok candidates.

Can’t say much about the other 13 candidates. I know so little about them. But yeah, they will be the little spoilers. Never mind. It’s an exercise of democracy.

I’m just disappointed with PKR Indian elements who leave saying that they have been let down by Anwar, or PKR, without specifics.

I heard that some Hindraf folks were pissed off with PKR for not naming one of the Hindraf boys who are behind bars. Get real folks. Don’t you think that a guy outside can serve you better than a guy who’s incarcerated?

And what’s with this communal way of looking at things? I’m Indian, I’m Indian I’m Indian. Fine, choose an upstanding guy among you to stand.

Wait a minute. PKR did just that. But no, the grasses and the roots were not happy.Cos they claimed they were not taken care of.

Some even left PKR. Ok. I admit that PKR is the weakest link among the three Pakatan Rakyat parties. PKR must really clean up its act and Anwar, firstly, must live up to his title as the ostensible “head” of Pakatan Rakyat

Pakatan Rakyat is a fledgling coalition. Can it just cater to one community’s wishes? Sounds like communal politics again. You’re playing that Umno/MCA/MIC gambit all over.

Just proves that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

And that the Indians in this country have only themselves to blame if they continue to be reactionary in manner and jump this way and that.

Because whatever the BN government says, it has done nothing to address the problem of police brutality, and in the light of the events of the past 5 years, lots of Indian blood has been shed.

Lots of NGO and political activists as well as man in the street of all colours have been intimidated and brutalised for the “sin” of making themselves.

For this reason alone, you should not vote BN.

Because the more reps the Pakatan Rakyat in Parliament and State Assemblies, the less inclined would the BN-backed goons be to commit crimes against the people with impunity.

And if Pakatan Rakyat reps are rotten as we have been seeing these days, hey, plenty of wolves from the other side will be baying for their blood.

We, the electorate will then have succeeded in putting this fear in the hearts of the politicians.

That, my readers, is what is called KETUANAN RAKYAT.


One thought on “We are Indians…we must bring drama

  1. Very well put indeed! Did you read in MT that this Kalaivanar dude who just dramatically quit PKR, bringing 357 followers with him, is facing charges for cheating? 🙂

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