Kerishamuddin Goes Ape..

Hishamuddin, Hishamuddin ….tsk tsk, banyak banyak laa bersabar. Ok, I’m sorry they didn’t let you play with the Keris this time. Don’t sulk la. Dah tua tua macam ni pun nak mengada ngada.

Don’t laa simply go around calling your fellow Malays in Pakatan Rakyat traitors and all.

Why, I thought you had such privileged upbringing, being born to a former Prime  Minister who is known for his reticence.

Just what did you learn at Aberystwyth man? Those beer-swilling days are a far cry from the conveniently nationalistic firebrand ways of you and your big mouth.

Yeah yeah, I know you are saying all this shit because even your own chances at becoming an Umno Vice President is dim, in the light of recent events.

I know you are nervous about your own political survival in an environment marred by low morale, scandals and perception of being a rotten, corrupt party.

Here’s the definition of traitor for the Minister of Education

According to, a traitor is,

1. a person who betrays another, a cause, or any trust.
2. a person who commits treason by betraying his or her country.

Doesn’t that sound like the folks who enriched themselves and their family and cronies at the expense of thousands (if not millions) of Makcik Senah and Pak Mats out there?

Doesn’t it sound like Ministers and top government officials with money, whose kids go to foreign universities on Petronas, Bank Negara and JPA scholarships at the expense of the very children of Makcik Senah and Pak Mat.

Doesn’t it sound like the guy who built a mansion in the middle of a TOL land?

On whose scholarships and your own kids studying, Hishamuddin?

Why is Ketuanan Rakyat so scary to you, you insecure Umno folks? Is it because it takes power away from the elite few? What has your elite few done for your fellow Malays anyway?

Let’s ask the likes of Halim Saad, Rashid Hussain, Tajuddin Ramli.  Wonder where these blokes are right now?

So, I think Hishamuddin’s rantings at the Umno General Assembly can be summed up as the panicked ravings of a bloke afraid of being seen as an irrelevance. Even if he already is one.

Poor guy.


One thought on “Kerishamuddin Goes Ape..

  1. Nicely written … yeah why is it so wrong to ask for Ketuanan Rakyat , it is not Ketuanan Cina or India and why are those MCA or MIC goons not in favour of this ?
    Is it so wrong to ask for a BETTER MALAYSIA after 51 years of MALAYSIA … 308 is one indicators that Majority of Malaysians want a BETTER MALAYSIA FOR MALAYSIANS !

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