Karma is a Bitch!

Here’s Ali Rustam, the swaggering UMNO powerbroker, chopped at the knees, done in by another more ambitious, powerful than him. That’s the prevailing thought anyway.

No sympathies here. This is one of the uglier faces of UMNO. I don’t think many people forgot how he rudely told off the PPP folks at a dinner where he was the guest of honour in Malacca, in 2007. He told them to get out of BN. “We don’t need you”, or something to that effect.

In fact this money politics thing ain’t new. Back two years ago when Isa Samad won his VP race with the highest votes, only to be suspended from UMNO in an ignominous manner after the Disciplinary Board found him guilty of vote-buying, there were rumblings that Isa was made scapegoat.

Even then Ali Rustam’s name resurfaced. But he escaped it somehow. Now’s his time. Still, I don’t think this guy will take it lying down. And I’m not alone.

This might lead to a serious rift in UMNO, hell, the party might just implode.

Which might not be a bad thing for the country after all.

I’ll tell you why I’m this cynical.

You see, word has it that there are many people (read Ali Rustam supporters as well as the Umno grassroots) who are pissed off at the way Ali Rustam was singled out for punishment at this particular time.

The inference is, “Everybody’s doing it, so why pick on him?”

So, they are basically admitting that rampant corruption, vote buying, graft, bribing in cash and kind, are all a normal thing in UMNO.

This is the kind of leaders who are going to safeguard “kedaulatan raja-raja” and “ketuanan melayu”.

A guy with all kinds of baggage on his head (allegations of graft, cover up, murderby proxy)  is poised to become the Prime Minister.

The three VP contenders come with their own issues. Muhyiddin aligned himself firmly with the DPM by calling for Pak Lah to get out.

Now the fallout from Ali Rustam saga may result in the Umno delegates deciding to vote Mat Tyson in protest. (You all know how he got that moniker, right?)

Imagine Mat Tyson gets voted in as deputy president of Umno.He will automatically be DPM of Malaysia, by next month.

So, we would have a hen-pecked PM with allegations of murder and shady defence deals hanging over his head.

And a DPM who,

1) Ran away with  2 million ringgit (or Aussie dollars, not sure) to Australia and got caught for it. When questioned he said he speaka no English.

2) Spirited a sultan’s daughter to Thailand to get married, while he’s stilll married.

3) Backhanded the same daughter a few years later at an airport, in public.


Let us Malaysians just dig our own graves and jump in it.

Cos the one party that still runs the country, is populated by vultures.


5 thoughts on “Karma is a Bitch!

  1. This post is offensive to birdlovers! Vultures are part of the avian species, unlikely though it may appear. Nature designed vultures as scavengers, carrion-eaters. The fact that vultures are not inclined to prey on the living, only on the dead, sets them apart from these despicable Umno warlords – who have, from long piratic tradition, been known to prey upon those with the least power. Unfortunately, in Malaysia, the Tamil community is perceived to be the weakest (poorest) and therefore fair game to card-carrying Umnoites.

  2. alamak… the murder suspect is gonna be our PM next 2 week… what can we do to stop him???

    we definitely can oppose him in direct as he has all the governmental lapdogs to bite us. we need the hindraf experts – to shoot a dummy and then rebound to hit him with greater momentum. and get him down with a single shot…

    can we sue the US/UK government for introducing a half cook democratic system to us???

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