Murderers in Uniform

Fellow Malaysians, have you ever heard of the sinister euphemism, “Encounter”?

Ask any Indian citizen, and at the very least, his face will turn sober and serious.

Encounter is a term the Indians use to describe the fatal shooting of an apprehended crime suspect. These are ostensibly, criminals who are fleeing from the police. Hey, you can read the Wiki on this too.

However, everyone over there knows that it is the cops’ solution to make a problem go away. You see, this is what the human rights group would call extra-judicial killing.

Those crime reporters in this country who reported on “cop and robber” shootings should and probably do know that there is far more to the story than the police version of…”they shot at police first…”

I wonder where Zaman Khan is these days.

Excuse that stray thought. Maybe I really should not talk about staged shootings and trigger happy-cops in Malaysia. Our cops are honest men who don’t do that. Our cops don’t kill.

If you think I’m saying that our cops have among them criminals in uniform, then I’ll categorcally deny it.

You know guys, maybe that “criminal” Kugan really branded himself before beating himself till his kidneys failed.Maybe Kodomo Lion Albar was right. We should not glorify criminals.

Maybe the wounds on his body miraculously appeared after he died. Maybe the second pathologist from UMMC operated on the wrong body.

Maybe the Kulim six shot dead, were all hardcore criminals who boldly shot first at the cops, even if one of the dead “robbers” was a head case and the other was almost blind.

Maybe the police is really concerned about law and order in Malaysia. Maybe Altantuya really shot herself twice and blew herself up with c4.

Maybe HINDRAF guys are just those who saw too many Tamil movies.

Maybe Malaysia will win World Cup South Africa 2010.



2 thoughts on “Murderers in Uniform

  1. I am with you because :

    Maybe Anwar hit himself real hard
    Maybe Altantuya shot and C4ed herself

    Maybe Uthayakumar refuses medical treatment
    Maybe we are all fools in bodohland

    Maybe we should be given a Nobel Prize
    Maybe for accepting and tolerating all these rubbish!

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