Pokok Demokrasi and all that jazz…

To say that Malaysian politics has become very interesting will be the lamest of intros for this post.

Events that have been unfolding on a weekly basis here deserves a mention in Drew Curtis’ Fark.com.

Headline would read something like:

Democratically-elected assembly meets in under a tree, with a Fark style rejoinder, Prime Minister doesn’t understand why.

So this tug of war continues. I’m sure all of you know this by now, but if you don’t, here’s the juice.

But here’s the latest in the drama that’s The Fight for Perak.

The High Court has declared the Assembly as illegal!

So much for Pokok Demokrasi. Back to square one.

But wait, other issues are at hand. The judge also says that the Speaker cannot be represented by private lawyers, even if the guy who’s supposed to (state legal adviser), is representing present MB Zambryin a matter that’s in confict of interest.

Ex-MB Nizar Jamaludin is seeking the Sultan’s intervention yet again, to dissolve the assembly. But hey, fat chance of that happening, after Sultan Azlan Shah’s decision the last time.

So what now?

If Zambry thought the Sultan’s “endorsement” was enough, he’s obviously mistaken. Pakatan Rakyat is not going to go down without a fight.

Now, all this can be solved with the dissolution of the state assembly and calling for a fresh mandate through elections.

Now let’s ask the Barisan Nasional folks a question everyone else knows the answer to.

Why so scared of another state elections? Unless the results are a foregone conclusion.

Umty Dumpty raped the people

Umty Dumpty paid at the polls

And all the gerrymandering and postal votes in the land

Cannot make Umty Dumpty accepted again


4 thoughts on “Pokok Demokrasi and all that jazz…

  1. maybe, just maybe, all these fiasco may be too much for the HRH to comprehend. so when nizar ask HRH permission this friday to dissolve the assembly, he might just say, “my, what big problems you got yourself into”.
    and nizar will respond. “the bigger they are to bring down a regime”. HRH will ask again. “my, what big court cases you have there”. nizar, again answer. “the better to fight it out with”. finally, HRH conclude, “my, this little power grab with you and him, and since umty dumpty cannot be repaired, fight you will but please do it at the ballot”.

  2. dude, first of all why is the PR so impatient in dissolving the state assembly? didn’t they file a case in the high court seeking nizar to be lawfully MB? so why not wait for the decision? why go through all these? why all the ruckus? don’t they have anything else on their mind like say, make our lives better since that is their duty to the people? is PR really that desperate for media attention? geez …

    • It’s dudette 🙂 btw.
      my guess is, they are very sore abt the hijacking of their govt. And there is no faith in the court. Judges can be bought and intimidated into submission, as the contemporary history of Malaysia has clearly shown.

  3. that is besides the fact that the court case in Bolehland will take 1 million years to process – delays, postponements, recusals etc. etc.

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