We’re with you Eli!

They say you must walk a mile in a person’s shoes before criticising or judging him. I’d like to say the same to Khir Toyo, who is demanding the resignation of Bukit Lanjan Assemblywoman Elizabeth Wong.

On Facebook yesterday, I joined a group that was set up to support Eli. A friend of mine asked me if i could send the copy or link to the compromising photos that led to her tearful resignation. This friend of mine also said she sympathised with Eli’s plight.

I asked myself then, wouldn’t it be compounding the problem if I were to respond to accede to that request.

What if it was your photo that was making the rounds? Wouldn’t it make u feel worse if your friends and family saw it, rather than total strangers?

Let’s respect the privacy of Elizabeth Wong, who was the victim of a crime of malicious intent. The woman has already been betrayed by someone close. Must we, in our basest voyeuristic curiosity, perpetuate the violation again and again?

Why are those pictures still around? Can’t the police crack down on this website?

And to Khir Toyo and all those sanctimonious asses out there, why don’t you pay attention to those tudung-clad Malaysian chicks who are gleefully showing off their exhibitionistic tendencies for the world to see, doing it in offices and X-ray rooms, obviously aware of the video camera.

Eli’s pictures on the contrary, were taken and uploaded online without her knowledge or consent.

Last I checked, pornography was a crime in this country.


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