Tempe Kena Tangkap!

Yes, this chubby critter who was the Selangor MB in his past life, got picked up by the cops a couple of hours ago in an aborted public demonstration by Umno Youth in Georgetown, Penang.

That was according to Malaysiakini.

Apa rasanya kena turun balai?

This is the guy who prompted a friend to coin this saying Hidung Tak Mancung, Pipi TerBotox-Botox.

Rabble rouser extrodinaire who went to Penang to “mempertahankan kedaulatan Raja Raja”, calling for action to be taken against Karpal Singh.

Come one, dude, many many people feel the same way as Karpal. Check out this report.

Umno Youth can go to hell la. Malaysians are not idiots. The seething people of Perak will be heard. They will be heard in Bukit Gantang.

The Bukit Selambau by-election will be a referendum on the rest of Malaysia’s sentiments.

I pity Najib for thinking he has scored a coup de grace. Short-sighted fella. And this guy is gonna head UMNO and the country.

Even Ku Li is saying Umno is beyond redemption. I really pity Umno and BN now. In the eyes of most Malaysians, they can do no right.

Heh Heh!


One thought on “Tempe Kena Tangkap!

  1. I dont think Tempe kena tangkap, most likely he was invited to make a report against Karpal at the balai….if he really kena caught than this will be the only good news I heard of our police action on political issues….

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