Who gives a damn about the people?


Poster stolen from mah buddy Mob1900 the posterblogger extraodinaire.

Anwar Ibrahim must rue the day he promised people that Sept 16 will change the nation. Even if it came true then, it would have been a betrayal of people’s mandate. Now, he has proven he can’t even control the riff raff within his party from jumping over.

And the events of the past few days prompt me to ask, is Malaysia really a democracy? Because the politicians seems to have made a mockery of every tenet of democracy.

Our votes do not matter at all. You can vote for candidate A from Parti Katak. He wins, but there is no stopping him from jumping over to Parti Kodok, even if he derails the entire government in the process.

The Sultan of Perak’s decision may have far reaching consequences for our system of governance. Now, it looks like a precedent for other states, jumping frogs can help change government without having to go though the ballot process.

Say, in Negri Sembilan tomorrow some ADUNs go missing. They come back with a change of heart and decide to say goodbye to BN. The new Yang Di Pertuan Besar Tunku Mukhriz might follow his brother ruler’s move and say “No need for Elections. The MB has to resign or his position will be declared vacant”.

Nice precedent to set, YM Tuanku Sultan Perak. It’s very telling that the matter being referred to court was also conveniently ignored.

And I have another issue top raise here. Two of the Perak defectors are under investigation for corruption/bribery. Once they are charged and found guilty, don’t they have to vacate their seats? In those cases, there would have to be by-elections held.

Is this something Najib considered when he took in those two guys. Yeah yeah, they are still technically independents, but we know what they are about, don’t we?

I’m inferring that by joining forces with BN, the two ADUNs must have been promised that their corruption charges will be made to “go away”. Rest assured, readers, that the Cangkat Jering and Behrang Assemblymen jumped ship for more than money. It was to save their necks.

Najib my think this is a coup de grace for him (you know, some people may even say it sounds like that successful dawn raid of Guthrie. Those who know otherwise still laugh at the victors).

But it may return to bite him in the ass. The price is an unstable government in Perak and the hatred of the masses. If Anwar had delivered on his Sept 16 promise, the crossover exodus would have earned equal wrath from the public.

Now, all across Malaysia, the hatred level will return to the scale that lost Barisan Nasional their traditional 2/3 mandate in the first place.

Another point that comes home to me is that the people who have voted in a candidate, has no control whatsoever over what happens next. They can’t come out and say “we don’t recognise this guy anymore cos he breached our mandate”. There is no avenue for it in our system, in which a public referendum is an alien concept.

The deputy prime minister, in his zeal to consolidate his power and cement his position, has demonstrated that he will employ whatever means to claim that power. I don’t know if he is familiar with the term Pyrrhic victory but this dirty manoeuvre in Perak is going to come at a very high cost.

I would like to suggest to BN to ensure that their MPs and state assemblymen are healthy and all. Because the next time one drops dead, the ensuing by-election is just a formality. All the postal votes ain’t gonna save BN. Everyone is going to vote in an opposition candidate just to teach BN a Perak Lesson.

There, I’ve coined a phrase. The Perak Lesson.

Najib, after the Kuala Terengganu fiasco, dreads any move to seek fresh mandate through an election, that much is clear. He knows that the tide will engulf them. Hence these underhand tactics.

Now the lessons to be learnt are these.

1) PKR fellas can be bought.

2) Hell hath no fury like a woman denied her Toyota Camry (hey! It rhymes!)

3) DAP stalwarts can be bullies.

4) We have a very, very dodgy character waiting to take helm of the country. He makes Dol Kepala Batas smell like roses.


Screwed up country.


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