Halfhearted efforts that’s losing steam…

There are a lot of big news taking up prime space of most Malaysians’ consciousness these days.

There is the Gaza obscenity that has the entire world in an uproar, but with an emasculated United Nations, pretty much nothing could be done, apart from our innefectual calls for American product boycott and marches

Back home there is this Kuala Terengganu by-election that DPM Najib is at pains to tell us, doesn’t indicate the support BN enjoys in the country. He’s worried, that much we can see.

Worried enough to use their champion shit-stirrer Ezam, late of PKR, to start a smear campaign against Anwar. Hey man, it takes no rocket science to know that Anwar is neither an angel nor Malaysia’s salvation.

But that doesn’t make you smell very nice either. Nobody likes a snitch. Especially a snitch that comes out with dirt only during elections and by-elections.

It’s an insult to the people of Kuala Terengganu. And it ain’t helping the BN candidate either. It seems to me that the BN camp is botching their own efforts willfully. Either that or Najib is intellectually-challenged.

Neither hypothesis bodes well for BN.

The state’s decision to close down the DAP bilik gerakan is just stupid, whichever way you look at it. This, in a town where everybody is saying the Chinese may form the deciding block of voters.

The thousands of cops stationed at Kuala Terengganu now have logistics problems to settle. The city can’t really cope with their presence. I wonder at the strength necessary…and how those boys are housed. Those cops need a roof over their heads too, don’t they?

I always ask this question whenever I come across the SB types and riot cops, and usually am greeted with black looks. I ask the same question of KT-visiting cops now?

“Ada overtime ka?”


2 thoughts on “Halfhearted efforts that’s losing steam…

  1. i have to say that not all UMNO people are happy with the appearance of ezam in UMNO.from a hardcore Anwar’s supporter turns to one of Anwar’s nemesis.there are sources saying that ezam is an informer for Anwar.i dont really know about that since i have no clue on that.but what do i know that not all UMNO people welcomed ezam to the party.but hope that ezam wont do anything more stupid to jeopardice BN in this by-election.

  2. It is time for a reality check for all politicians. Malaysia is not a country of one rce, one religion or one ideology. Our founding fathers’ knew this when they drafted the Constitution. They ensured that the Constitution provided for EQUAL rights, justice and fairness for ALL citizens.

    The mistake they made was in thinking that our politicians were intelligent. Instead of building on the rights and liberties enshrined in the Constitution, many (especially in the Govt) treated it as “open sesame” to loot, cheat and lie. Instead of being humble, they have become arrogant believing that their toadies are reflecting the common man’s view of them.

    If you love your country, then you must love ALL your fellow ctitizens, said one wellknown American. That is not the cse in Malaysia. We have our petty jealousies and prejudices that should best be kept under the lid, especially when nation building. Indtead these havenot only come out into the open but exploited as part of “dasar kerajaan’ in a way only the shameless can.

    As a non-Malay, I say to the malaysian Chinese:Do not fear PAS or the hudud laws. if PAS is sincere and wins Govt,we will only see UMNO kleptomaniacs missing limbs. Of course the non-Malays who also looted should be ready to wear chains (not chains of office) to purge themselves of their misdeeds. I say that only UMNO thieves should fear hudud laws, not your average UMNO member.

    As for Najib, it is best he allows an open and honest review of that Mongolian murder case (by some inernational respected people) before he become PM to clear any doubts about his involvement. After all, he has nothing to fear. He had nothing to do with it. How do I know? Najib himself told us that.

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