A Palestinian Holocaust?

This race was persecuted in such a vile manner some 7 decades ago by the 20th century’s arguably most evil icon, Adolf Hitler.

You would think they would understand the depths of grief and suffering.

The rest of the world largely stood silent when it happened.

I’d like to think that the ensuing guilt by the very parties who stood silent, was responsible for Balfour Declaration and the creation of Israel as a nation state.

So it stupefies me that Israel continues to wage war after war against the natives of Palestine.

Oh yeah, it is against Hamas you say? I wouldn’t say that Hamas’ hands are clean.The rocket launchers that they sent into Israeli territory, achieved little, but provided the impetus for the murderous rampage of the Israeli army into Gaza.

And now, who pays the price? Innocent civilians, women, kids. Now imagine a child who spent his entire life growing in a place that’s little more than rubble due to endless bombings and strife.

Have his land taken, his parents killed, brothers maimed and livelihood lost by the war.

How small a step from there to becoming a suicide bomber?

These fuckers in the Israeli govt don’t seem to realise that invading Gaza will do nothing for them.

Hell, read this stuff.

Read about how these so called chosen folk have gotten it so wrong.

Karma being the bitch it’s often called, can Israel hold out forever against so much hatred?

What about those bastards in Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the entire Middle East? Some nations there are obviously complicit in intent or omission. Yeah, you too Mubarak!

Why is it that each time Israel whack Palestinians into pulp, the Middle East is curiously silent? Are those Arabs so compromised that they can sleep at night knowing their brethren are being massacred?

This, when even Europe and the rest of the world is shouting its outrage! And you wonder why Al Qaeda continues to to be supported.

And the Bush Administration? Hah! He and his likes can rot in hell.

Speaking of hell though, brings my attention to this curious phenomenon.

Jews slaughtering Muslims, cheered on by Christians. All three of them Abrahamanic, monotheistic religions with common prophets. Believers in God, apparently.

Excuse my french, but isn’t this like, thoroughly screwed up? You wonder why atheism is growing? I don’t. One less reason to kill each other, you see.

This classic satire piece by The Onion was written post-911. Still acutely spot on.  It may be borderline blasphemy to you so-called believers out there. But read between the lines. God is probably asking the very thing.

I am thoroughly ashamed of being human today. Animals don’t kill gratuitiously like we do.


One thought on “A Palestinian Holocaust?

  1. This Arab-Jew antagonism, like ALL polarized flashpoints on the planet including here in Malaysia (between Malays & Others) is an artificial construct, deliberately inserted into the 3D Matrix by those who would control our actions & reactions like puppeteers. Even Hitler was a manufactured villain, same as Osama bin Laden and George Bush (both btw are clones, but pls don’t take my word for it!) Buckminster Fuller saw through the scam back in the early 1970s & recorded his thoughts in a powerful poem called Ethics.
    David Icke, more recently, also pierced through the veils of spin & named the human agents behind this evil game of divide-&-rule. There are entities that feed off negative emotional discharge the way bluebottle flies feed off putrefaction. They populate the astral plane but work through physical bodies, especially humans with our seriously tampered DNA. Don’t get into fear when you discover these dark secrets, my friend – fear is the astral parasites’ favorite food! All that’s required of you is to unsubscribe from all institutionalized belief systems (yes, I mean organized religion in all its lamentable infantility) & begin to listen to your own heart. Do that by becoming aware of your own breath. Eventually, your cellular wisdom will activate & everything will be revealed as you free yourself from dysfuntional beliefs & become more receptive to unexpected inputs from all around you. Be at peace, my dear 🙂

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