Maybe Samy Vellu Should Sack Himself

That thought seems to have never occurred to this MIC dinosaur.

Couple of days ago, this guy made the news again by sacking party treasurer,  M. Mahalingam. I am sure that many people would not mind Mahalingam leaving the scene anyway, as the man has scarcely done anything to distinguish himself through decades in politics.

But then Mahalingam is hardly the exception.

MIC has long been a party of relics, suck-ups and yes men. Sorry for repeating myself. But the politics of MIC has been such that for one to succeed, one has to be the President’s man, toe the party line and basically make himself scarce while carrying out the president’s wishes.

That is perhaps the recipe that his deputy, G. Palanivel thought will work for him. That was before the voting public rendered MIC obsolete.

Nobody’s fooled by the talk of rebranding MIC. In fact, apart from the presidential motley crew, no one gives a damn.

Such humiliation would have driven lesser men to suicide. But our “Datuk Seri” is an exceptional man with tremendous confidence, a really thick skin, bullying ways and thugs at hand, ready to “silence” any opposition to his rule.

As such, his reason for sacking Mahalingam “I want to appoint a younger man” doesn’t wash. Especially since talk is brewing that Maha had objected to a certain deal that rewards a “presidential crony”, hence the axing.

Now there is talk about sacking old-party hand Muthupalaniappan from Negri Sembilan for speaking against party interests. Muthu is no saviour of the Indians and is as trustworthy as any politician out there. (u know what I mean)

However, all he seems to be against is Samy himself. The guy has challenged Samy to party presidency and why not? Samy himself said earlier this year that anyone is free to stand against him in the party elections.

Sacking a pretender to the crown at this point would just further illustrate how much Samy has lost the plot. But he is not beyond that, I’m pretty sure.

I read somewhere that Dr M said last year that he was powerless to remove Samy. Hear that? I laughed out loud. Tun Dr M? Powerless? He states his reason though. Here it is. (I kapak this excerpt from Lim Kit Siang’s blog)

This is how former Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad explained why Samy Vellu, who first became a Cabinet Minister more than 27 years ago on Oct. 21, 1979, and who served in his Cabinet in his entire 22-year administration, cannot be sacked in a recent  exclusive Malaysiakini interview:

Q. We still have people like (works minister and MIC president) S Samy Vellu there. We know of the complaints against him.

A. You ask MIC what they would do if I removed Samy Vellu. MIC is scared stiff of Samy Vellu.

Q. So it’s political repercussion factor then? It’s got nothing to do with…

A. When it comes to the head of a component (Barisan Nasional) party, I don’t have that much liberty to pick who the head should be or to remove the head from being in the cabinet. You can see that all the heads of all the component parties are in the cabinet, not because I chose them, but because they were chosen by their party.

Q. What you’re saying is that you have to appoint them (the leaders of BN component parties) to the cabinet. There’s very little choice. So what does that reflect about our political system today?

A. There is a saying – a country gets the government that it deserves. If you are a member of a party and you are unwilling to say that your leader is wrong, to choose a better leader, then you deserve a bad leader. Whether it is fear of the bad leader, or whatever…

Even if it is a dictator, if they (people in other countries) really want to remove their dictator, they are prepared to stick their necks out. Here, it is not even a case of sticking your neck out. You won’t even stick your little finger out. Everybody is playing safe. If I go against the chief, he’s going to hammer me. Then I won’t get contracts, I won’t be ‘ketua bahagian’ (party division chief).

Dr M has seriously misread the MIC and Indian sentiment then. If he got rid of Samy then, the Indians would have still voted BN this year. Perhaps. But like all hindsight, this is cheap speculation on my part.

After all, the local Indians themselves rendered the MIC irrelevant, thanks not so much to Hindraf championing their rights…no not really. It was simply how they (the Hindraf group) were treated and indeed, how Indian interests were addressed (ignored, rather), that broke the proverbial camel’s back.

Today, he cuts a pathetic figure with his empty talks and posturing.Pitiable really. I was told that he had helped lots and lots of people. Good for him.

I just hope someone could actually tell the truth to his face. That it is best that he retires from politics. Just fade away man. Do yourself that favour.


2 thoughts on “Maybe Samy Vellu Should Sack Himself

  1. Hi, I am Sammy Vellu the con man.

    Me and Bodawi the PM have join forces and plan to cheat the citezens of Malaysia. Afterall these citezens are studpid people. We have been cheating the whole nation for the past 50 yrs and intend to continue. Our bank accounts are full of money and we can buy anything.

    What can U do?

    The legal system is in our pockets, so is the Police including IGP and even the Malay rulers support us to rob the malaysia citzens.

    Anybody opposing us will be put in prison under ISA law.

    So you studpid citezens can’t do a thing about it, can you? BN rules OK

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