What kind of implications, JKR?

Update: The Selangor MB actually received the said report today at 12.45pm, says The Star


I would like to ask the Public Works Department the question.

I refer to this article in Malaysiakini.

What kind of implications do you expect when four people have died, I don’t know how many animals, and thousands of lives disrupted in the recent Bukit Antarabangsa landslide.

You, the Jabatan Kerja Raya, are public servants! It is your job to carry out orders in the interest of the public.

In this case, not disclosing their report to the Selangor government is plain irresponsible!

Why, Pak Lah, and Najib? Why are these civil servants behaving this way?

When the landslide happened, both the PM and DPM “turun padang” to survey the damage, accompanied by the local MP, assemblymen, Mentri Besar and local government folks. I saw this on TV.

So I naively though that when there is a national disaster like this, these idiots can put aside partisan concerns and address the issue at hand. Looks like its just for show.

And while we are on the subject of Bukit Antarabangsa, I would like to bring up the subject of EIA reports.

About 10-12 years ago, then Ampang Jaya Municipal Council Abdul Karim Munisar (the guy is with Kumpulan Darul Ehsan Bhd now) said that the law then had only made it mandatory for companies developing land measuring 50 acres and above to carry out a proper environmental impact assessment and submit a report.

The loophole is that it exempted those developing land less than 50 acres. Now, imagine ten adjacent developments of say, 30 acres each. That’s 300 acres in total. But on their own, they are not required to do the cumbersome reports.

Karim said that MPAJ is looking at making the concerned developers do a macro EIA that will answer that problem.

Now, I don’t know if that recommendation actually became policy, nor if it was enforced even if it was policy, but it bloody well should have been, pardon my French.

In Malaysia, as we all know, we have to wait for a big boulder to fall on our heads before we sit up.

Yes, like the TV3 report during the recent landslide inferred, we still haven’t learned our lesson. Bukit Antarabangsa is a time bomb that exploded a few times already, but we still sit on our collective asses.

If even the Selangor MB faces a brick wall in dealing with these “makan gaji” civil servants, what hope do you think you and I have?


One thought on “What kind of implications, JKR?

  1. With goons like these… I guess we can abandon all hope, Sis.

    Anyway, love that rant in your previous post and Antares said it best. In the meantime, the D word is already being bandied about in the States and the aftershocks will hit our shores for sure. Time to tighten up, I suppose. But what are elected officials doing about it? Keep distracting the rakyat by sleight of political hand? For how long?

    Anyway, Sis here’s to our friendship and may next year bring glad tidings to you…

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