The Cascade Effect of A Regime Change

Barack Obama won the US presidential elections on November 4, 2008. He had always been critical of the Guantanamo Bay “Torture Central”.

In fact, earlier this week he reiterated the word he gave as regards one of the most hated symbols of American bullying. Read here about his renewed pledge to shut down Gitmo.

Yesterday, in a first decision of its kind, the US judiciary showed its balls. Not to say they never did before. But it seems to echo the new administration’s policy already, and Obama has not even taken office yet (He’s due to formally take office on Jan 20, 2009).

Check this out.

Judge orders release of 5 terror suspects at Gitmo

WASHINGTON – A federal judge on Thursday ordered the release of five Algerians held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and the continued detention of a sixth in a major blow to the Bush administration‘s strategy to keep terror suspects locked up without charges.

In the first case of its kind, U.S. District Judge Richard J. Leon said the government’s evidence linking the five Algerians to al-Qaida was not credible as it came from a single, unidentified source. Therefore, he said, the five could not be held indefinitely as enemy combatants, and should be released immediately.

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Looks like Obama is walking the talk. And the judges follow suit.

Can you see the parallels here with Malaysia? Well, since March 8, we have seen some surprises from our judges.

Justice Komathy for one. Justice Syed Helmi for another. Do we have a newly independent judiciary? This article examines the issue.

Of course there a lot of people for whom these two decisions gave indigestion will say one of two things.

The Hamid Albar school of thought. He who takes his Home Minister role too literally will think the draconian Acts like ISA and the likes give him the divine right to send people to jail regardless of the rules of culpability and evidence, and such tedious legal requirements.

The Umno plebeians who will just dismiss all those involved in the legal profession as liars, cheats and dirty people. Though I will say to the Umno apologists that hey, for liars, cheats and dirty scumbags, they may not have to look further that the current bunch running for high office in the party elections.

And what I say is based on what’s available on public record.

By the way, it will be cool to interview former High Court judge Datuk KC Vohrah. I’m sure he will love to share some juicy titbits, if he is the talking type.

And of course “Mr Irrelevant” Datuk Augustine Paul. Wonder if his conscience has returned, after those kangaroo court days.

Of course by mentioning these two judges, i’m not implying that they are cut from the same cloth. Those two are as different as chalk and cheese.


2 thoughts on “The Cascade Effect of A Regime Change

  1. Obama definetly had passion toward ordinary people yet he must engage or re-engage(depend on how ones look at it) in the political process to work for change..and in such a place like the US, it not as simple as just merely one or two of critical speaces. It is no ways sound like Malaysia when PM or DPM passing remark.
    Its purely lack of evident that prompt the judge gave such rulling me think.Hamid Albar is a joke as far as i’m concern n tht about it.

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