Bomoh. Defined by Webster’s Dictionary as witch doctor.

Economics. According to the Wikipedia folks….

Economics is the social science that studies the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services.


A local economics lecturer James Chin has come up with an interesting article in the Malaysian Insider to describe the supply side economics.

Here’s the link to the story, which incidentally talks more about the powers-that-be’s economics of convenience rather than bomoh/voodoo business.

Makes sense. After all bomoh/pawang and other sorts of witchdoctors, shamans and mediums (one of whom got swallowed by a python a decade or so ago, because he was small rather than medium) are part and parcel of life, not only in this region called Nusantara but also throughout the world.

In Malaysia, we had these bomohs feature in the most sensational murder trial of the 90s, the Mazlan Idris case. Well, I’m sure you all know that Mona Fandey, her hubby and their assistant were hanged for the gruesome, chop chop murder.

Motive? Money apparently. Money (or the mother of them all) was why the late assemblyman of Batu Talam went to these dodgy couple. Money was apparently why they killed him.

Bomohs also featured in the former Renong Bhd head honcho Halim Saad’s divorce case, and I read about it sometime ago not in the blogs or the gossip rags, but in the Asian Wall Street Journal. Now, I mention this here only because Halim Saad was once one of the captains of local economy. Once. Before the excesses started going public.

Familiar story? Yeah, it happens all the time.

Back to the main story, Bomohs have figured in everything Malaysian from elections to ensuring rain, or a sunny day or even ensuring a win on the football pitch. And we thought that Bolehland bookies were the ultimate fixers. Sheesh.

Anyway, sorry for being so cheong hay about the whole Bomoh business. I suggest you guys read the James Chin piece, written with a good dollop of cynicism.


One thought on “Bomonomics…Whaa…?

  1. Pretty funny laa this James Chin fler. ‘Asserting his moral right’ for the term bomohnomics… Hey, Najib got an Ecomomics degree right? Why does someone waste four bloody years studying Adam Smith, Macro & Microeconomics, Supply /Demand when all we need to do is win elections, get our cronies on board and cook the books?

    Eh Sis, 29/11 between 12.00-3.00 pm, The Terrace, Royal Bintang, The Curve. See you!

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